Well, well, well!!!

I’m in awe with GOD’s love for me.  Who am I that HE, the ALMIGHTY, should reach down and touch me through the blood of HIS Son, my Savior, JESUS?  GOD knows me better than I know myself.  He warned me about and protecting  my heart from potential hurt from an ex-boyfriend.

Here’s a little background.  A few years ago,  I was so smitten with this gentleman who I thought was going to be my husband.  We had talked about marriage  and share it  with members of his family.  We started dating in November 2009.  Our relationship was going well until that proverbial bump in the road.  We broke up in March 2012, never getting married of course and I was very heart broken.  I was in communication with Elder Thompson after the relationship went completely south.  He kept me in his prayers, petitioning GOD to mend and heal my heart, and GOD did so. over the course of next few years.

On July 31, 2015, Prayer Friday, I called Elder Thompson and during the prayer he said “do not let that man rise up in your life.  He means you no good. He’s living on the streets and he will appear on your doorstep. Resist him in the name of the LORD!” Then, on August 21st during prayer, he spoke in tongues and gave me another warning to resist him because he’ll be here sooner then you think.  Elder Thompson told me to read Isaiah 26:3, Psalm 23:1, and Psalm 24:1. After reading the scriptures,  I was prepared for my ex to appear on my doorsteps.

On September 2, 2015, Guess who knocks on my door, asking for forgiveness for him hurting me and professing his love for me, the ex.   I smiled and thanked the LORD before opening the door and stepping onto the porch, as GOD had prepared me for such a time as Elder Thompson had prophesied. Before turning in for the night, I dropped to my knees thanking the ALMIGHTY for alerting and strengthening me for the ex’s appearance. Only the LORD GOD could have prepared me for such a battle.

I am humbled and blessed to be part of a church with a leader who loves, respects, and honors GOD. ALL OF THE GLORY AND HONOR GOES TO THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END!!!





From The Pastor’s Desk.

From The Desk of Elder Thompson:

Pastor Thompson and the Word of Christ Ministries would like to personally thank, Pastors Mike and Mary Herrington of the Colewa  Full Gospel Church in Pioneer Louisiana, Pastor Chad Romero of Praising Jesus Ministries in Abbeville, Louisiana  and Pastor Latreace Triplett of Now Faith Ministries in Pascaqoula, Mississippi.

I was  very humble, grateful, and thankful for the invite to come and preach at the revival’s. I  wants to thank each pastor and their members for their generous hospitality. They were so gracious to me and made me feel at home although I was far away from home.

The Word of Christ Ministries was able to sow a seed into one of the Ministries and without out God none of this could have been possible. God made away for me to be blessed and also to be a blessing. We give God all Glory, all Honor and all Praise.

I thank you once again for all that you have done.

Elder Mark Thompson.

God Does Miracles Through Prayer!!!

The Power of Prayer.

As I was visiting mother Irvin in the nursing home, I asked Mother Irving   room mate if I could pray for her and I did.  As I was praying and finished. Mother Irvin told me a friend of her, which is Mother Collins wanted to know what  time was I coming  to the nursing home She said when he gets here have him to call me because I want him to pray for me. So I did call her and started praying.

Mother Collins has arthritis and she had a stroke. She has been in pain for years. I prayed as God lead me to pray and what God wanted me to pray. When I left the nusing home a couple of hour later, Mother Collins called me with so much excitement and enthusiasm. She told me that God had gave her a miracle today,  that God had  healed her and that she was pain free. Through the power of prayer God set her free from all the hurt and pain she was feeling.

April 6. 2015

Elder Mark Thompson

Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Jesus!!!


God is so good y’all. Let me explain how good God truly is. On Tuesday headed to Philadelphia,  PA for a speaking engagement at the Word of Christ Ministries, where the Founder is Pastor Mark H, Thompson. I was expected to arrive in Philly around 3 pm.  During the duration of my trip I was dealt with all sorts of spiritual attacks, from being stalked by an American Airline employee to having a 4 hour layover  and then I  miss my flight, It was a mess. That’s when I knew this weekend would be one that was blessed.

When I arrived in Philly, my right ankle began hurting like nobody’s business and it increasingly got worse as the day went on, so much so that I had to sit and ask Apostle Thompson to lay hands on it so that  I could feel some sort of  relief. There still was no improvement. By 10pm  I was going to ask Apostle to take me to the Hospital. I thought that I had broke my ankle. Apostle Told me that it would be fine, so I went to bed.

The next day I woke up refreshed and rejuvenated in the Lord. I washed up and made my bed and skipped down the stairs, ready to praise the Lord.  It was prayer Wednesday  ….oh did you get that I went half the day not giving my ankle any thought. In fact it was apostle Thompson who reminded me about my ankle. He said, Pastor Ruffin you did not praise the Lord for your healing. I forgot all about my Ankle it was truly a miracle, no pain, no problems, no hospital visit, just Jesus and his healing power. To God be the Glory for the things he has done.

In addition, The week prior to coming to philadelphia my podertrist had discussed giving me and had given me a cortizone shot in my left feet.  Anyone whose experienced getting one of those shots, you can bear witness of that kind of excrutiating pain. Getting the meds right into the bone.  Words just cannot describe it folks! needless to say, before I could get shot I was in so much pain,  When arriving in Philidelphia I was in serious pain to the point  that  I needed that shot as soon as possible.

Now you see why that miracle was a  key, not only did he heal me of all pain in my foot but cleared my mind of the stress of a getting  that shot and the stress of any pain. I just started tip toeing through the tulips with Jesus and having  a good time with Jesus, so much so that Apostle Thompson had to remind me that I had a problem in the first place that had been healed. Ain’t God Alright y’all !

Pastor, Tammy Ruffin


Pennies From Heaven!!!!!


While preaching  Revival at Colewa Full Gospel Church in Pioneer La , Pastor Mike and Mary Herrington. Every service the children would always be there and when I would walk in they would all come to me and give me a hug. During each service it was one little girl tha t would put 1 to 2 pennies in my hand for the  offering.  On Wedsday July 7, 2015 I had a nice offering and I knew that  the offering was nice because the envelope it was in I could not close it.

That night I got to the pastor house, the Lord told me not to count the offering. I already had other money on the dresser, so the next morning I kneel down beside the bed and I grab the offering and the money on the dresser to pray over it and 6  pennies fell out of the envelope and I started crying out to the  Lord with a loud voice, saying to the Lord someone has given me their last and I was begging him and asking him to bless their finance because of what they had done.

When I got to Church on Thursday July 8, 2015, I put the 6 pennies in my hand  and I went around the church asking who was the one that put the 6 pennies in the offering. I told them that who ever it was I wanted to thank them for blessing me so much.  Know one said anything that night. The next night I did the same thing and I asked God to reveal to me who it was and he did.  So, I went around the Church because I knew who it was and I started heading to the back of the Church .  The little girl that raised her hand was the one that was putting the 1 to 2 pennies in the offering. I called her out intto the alse and I thank her for blessing me,  I reach in my pocket and handed her the offering and the money that I had laying on  the dresser and she said, thank you and she smiled and I smiled and said, thank you.

I told the Church I did not just come to be blessed, I came to be a blessing as well. God loves you, you are Gods people. I thank Jesus fo using me in these Revival for his Glory. May these messages be a blessing to Gods people.

Elder Mark Thompson.

God The Way Maker !!!!

Praise Jesus!!!

On July 3, 2015 I went to Pioneer, Louisiana to preach a Revival for a week. 2 week before I left home I had already made reservation for a car rental. When I got to Louisiana I went to the car rental place. They had given my car away. Also, there was about 10 people in line ahead of me that was complaining. I did not complain, I just left. God is a provider. The next thing I did was call another car rental place and when I got there they informed me that the car would cost me $2,600 to drop the car off at New Olean’s International Airport. Now you know at this point frustration was setting in and I started thinking, “I said, that this is no one but the enemy”. Then I heard the voice of the Lord say to trust me and to leave. I said to Pastor Salis let’s go, he said to me I thought you were going to get the rental car. I told him the Lord said trust me. We are going to have to believe the Lord and trust him where ever we maybe.

Pastor Salis let me use his car while I was in Pioneer Louisiana for the time that I was there to preach the Revival. I did not worry about how I was going to get down the highway almost 280 miles to Abbeville Louisiana for the next Revival which was at Pastor Chad Romero Church starting on 10th, of July. When the time came Pastor Salis said that he and his wife were going to drive me there to Abbeville, Louisiana. God use Pastor Salis and his wife in a mighty way. We give God the Glory because he has been making all the necessary arrangement.

On the 12th of July after preaching that Sunday, Pastor Chad Romero said to me that he was going to drive me down to Pascagoula Mississippi. The next Revival was 200 miles down the highway. He said wait a minute brother Mark, this is what I am going to do. I am going to give you my car and let you keep my car down in Mississippi so you can have transportation to take care of the things you need to take care of and also, I know your flight leave out on the Saturday, 18th of July, me and my wife will come to New Olean’s on Saturday morning and meet you at the Airport. I have learned on this Journey, I praise Jesus my Lord for making all things possible, because he is faithful. I want to tell all Gods people this day to trust the lord, all things are possible to them that believe. Mark 9:23. I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for using me and making a way.

Elder Mark Thompson

July 23, 2015

Itinerary for Elder Mark Thompson

Colewa Full Gospel Church, Pastor Mike & Mary Herrington. 377Highway 577, Pioneer, Louisiana 71266

Service starts at: 11 am Sunday July 5, 2015 and at 6 pm Central time.

Service starts at: 7 pm Monday thru Thursday,  July 6 to July 9, 2015 Central time.

Praising Jesus Ministries, Pastor Chad Romero. 320 North Lyman Street, Abbeville, Louisiana 70510

Service starts at: 7 pm Friday July 10  and 7 pm  Saturday July 11, 2015.  On  Sunday at 10 am July 12, 2015 Central time.

Now Faith Ministries, Pastor Leatrice Triplett.  1750 Market  Street, Pascagoula, Mississippi  39581

Service starts at: 7 pm Monday thru Friday, July 13 to July 17, 2015 Central time.

Word Of Christ Ministries, Elder Mark Thompson.              

Service start at: 10 am Sunday July 19, 2015 Eastern time.



God is the Can do God!!!!

Hello my name is Mendy, Elder Mark Thompson’s eldest daughter. On Friday June 19, 2015, I was on my way home from work and the air conditioner in my car stopped working. When I arrived at home I got out of my car and began looking under the hood, I had no clue what I was looking for. By this time I was hot, angry, and trying to figure out what I was going to do. I then went around back to the auto body shop behind my house, although it was 6pm Friday evening the owner was luckily still there. I asked him if he would take a look at my car and he did. He informed me that the compressor was not active at all, this was the reason no air was being circulated through the vents in the car. Either the compressor was broke completely, or something electrical that connected the compressor was damaged.

That night I went to my fathers house and stayed the night.  In the morning I was in the living room,  complaining to my Dad about my air conditioner and expectig him to give me a solution as usual, but this time he had none. He looked at me and said “Do you believe in  the power of God”?  I sat there silent and my Father told me i’m going to lay hands on your car and it will be fixed.

Sunday morning I was on my way to church and the screen in my car looked different than it had the day before. So I took a chance and turned the AC on, to my surprise the air conditioner came on and was working normally like it was never even broke. I  give God all the praise and honor, and I thank my Father for being obedient to the holy spirit. This incident has taught me that even when it looks impossible God can do remarkable things.


June 21,2015



He’s An On Time God, Yes He Is.


Chicago Mass Choir was famous  for singing entitled, “He is and on-time God. ” I’d been experiencing some financial hardships in which I really didn’t know how I was going to make ends meet, but  I refused to walk in defeat or despair. My daughter, who  lives next door to me had just lost her job and to add fuel to the fire, her husband just left her with 2 toddlers without a thought to how they were going to survive. Well as a mothers does, I stepped up and split my income to accommodate both homes which brought me short for my bills. I had not the money for my Gas and Light bill or my cable bill.  I can do without Cable but the electric bill had to be paid or else,  not only would I find myself without lights, in our apartments if you get cut off, you get a 3 day notice.  So it was a bit tiring to say the least. But I still refused to worry.  I tell my children all the time, if you worry, don’t pray and if you pray don’t worry, so I chose to worry, and was conducting business as usual not mentioning anything to anyone.

On Wednesday June 3, 2015 at 6:45  I received a phone call from Pastor Mark Thompson of the Word of Christ Ministry telling me that the Lord woke him up telling him to plant a seed offering into the Ministry of $100.00. He then proceeded to phone me to tell me to get up and go to Wal-Mart. I told him that I would but didn’t know why I was going. I told him since I didn’t have a car that I’d take the bus and it would take a little bit to get there. I don’t know why, I just obeyed his request, I really didn’t understand why I was going, but I knew it was crucial for me to get there.  He instructed me to go to the service counter and that there would be a package left there for me. He said the Lord told him to give me a financial blessing, but he was not sure if the first amount he started to give was correct. Not sure about the amount of seed he was to sow.  He prayed for a sign from God to be sure of the instructions, if what he had heard was truly from God and not of his own thoughts.  That morning on a friends prayer line it was confirmed by the  Prophetess of that Prayer line that he was to plant a sacrificial seed into someone’s Ministry. He had his  answer and with urgency he made the connection.

I was floored, just astonished at what God had done. He’s and on time God, oh yes he is. He may not come when  you want him, but he’ll be there right on time. What Pastor Thompson did not know is that the very seed offering, the sacrificial offering, that blessed offering that he gave was EXACTLY what I needed for my Electric and Cable with $20 to spare. He is an on time God, oh yes he is. Pastor Thompson, thank you for your obedience and your commitment to the Most High God, your labor of Love is not in vain. I’m sure that I speak for the body of Christ when I say, We thank God for you, God bless you.

Pastor Tammy Ruffins

New Beginnings Family Worship Center

To The God that Surrounds Jerusalem With Mountains.

Good morning

God woke me up this morning and I had to give him thanks. He has brought me from a place that I never thought I would recover from. I thought that I was going to lose my mind. I was in this place at least 6 to 7 years. I never forgot about Jesus and I believed that one day he would bring me out. I walked around with a smile on my face and behind that smile was darkness, sadness and I just pretended that everything was okay, but inside  my spirit was dying each and everyday. I could not find any inner peace. I put on a mask for my children. I wanted them to be strong and did not want them to know what was going on.  All I could do was fall down on my knees and pray.

My Children would ask me, ” Mom why are you in the room, all the time in the dark,” I had tears rolling down my face and when they would knock on my bedroom door I would wipe them and put a smile on my face never wanted them to see the distress and turmoil I was going through and through this process I never stop going to church. I was searching for God and I was searching hard.

God started speaking to me in January of 2015 this year. I had asked him questions. I pray for a church where the true word of God was being taught, I was tired of the compromising, and people jumping because the music was pumping. I need to be healed and delivered and set free from what I was going through and I needed a way out.

He told me to move my church fellowship, not that it was bad, but he need to take me somewhere, so that I could see that my situation was not nothing compare to what my new Pastor had went through.  I am not bragging are boasting on no man and our Pastor Mark Thompson teach us not to do this because as we learn the Word of Christ that no man gets the Glory but God.

In Psalms 24:1 It says that the earth is the Lords and the fullness there of . Every man, every woman and every creature belongs to him and everything that we see around us and God gets the Glory.  He had to let me see that he was in Control of my destiny and he has sent someone to help me get there. Everything Pastor Thompson of the Word of Christ Ministry  tells us, he takes us to the word and it is right there. He does not water down the word or sugar coat anything if you are wrong or right he will tell you.

I thank God for what he has done and he gets all the Glory and praise. God has someone to help you in your deepest darkest places if only you believe, he has filled this place with true believers. If we just listen and follow him we cannot be led astray.  The Earth is the Lords and the fullness there of. Everything that you need is here.

Sister Charmaine June 4, 2015