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God bless all of the members and followers of The Word of Christ ministries, This is your time to sew a seed into the WOC ministries!!! Signs and wonders follow those who follow Christ!! The WOC ministries is currently looking for a building to call home!! If you open your heart and bless this ministry, you will surely be blessed!!! 

Thanks for supporting WOC ministries!!! As always, we pray that God will bless all of our members and followers abundantly!!!

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A Forecast of Catastrophic Proportions!!!

Praise the Lord once again WOC followers. My Name is Pastor Tammy D. Ruffin, Pastor of, “New Beginnings Family Worship Center” Located in the heart of Davenport, Iowa. I praise God for this opportunity to once again share the great move of God happening through the Man of God, Pastor Mark H. Thompson and the Word of Christ Ministries.
First giving all Honor, Glory and Power to the Elohim One, God Most High, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Being the author and finisher of my faith I reverence Him on this blessed day. It is thru His grace and mercy that I am here today and none of us would be here without him, To God be the Glory; Amen!
I don’t know how many know it but I am a Pastor, a Minister of Music, Intercessor, a Worshiper, a Mother of three, and a PROUD Grandmother of two. I am Very Proud of each and every role that God has given me stewardship over. But out of them all I am especially proud of being a prayer warrior for Christ. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and every Friday I conduct intercessory prayer for all that call in, and those who don’t on the Prayer Clinic, a place where God is always on the line healing, saving, and delivering all the time….. Praise God! On several Occasions I had the privilege of asking our friend and Pastor, Pastor Thompson if God was sharing anything for His people and he graciously accepted to pray on the line. Around the 9th of December, 2013 Pastor Mark Came fired up as usual, but this time, he wasn’t being what I’d call…. (Nice). Why do I say that, you may ask? Well this time there was no time for conversing as we sometimes did before we prayed. There was no room for prettying things up, he was straight forward and he began the message with An All Point Bulletin that simply went something like this. (My God!) And I Quote: People Get Ready there’s a Storm Brewing and it’s headed our way; NO One will be able to escape it. It is a shift in the weather that this world is not ready or equipped to handle! The call got quiet as he continued to speak with such authority and power and severity in his voice we knew that our very life depended on us getting this.
 Forecast for today, Windy, Blizzard Conditions Heavy Snow, in ALL Parts of this World. A winter storm of catastophical proportions. Warning…Buy dry beans, perishables, and plenty of water…..STOCK UP! California and Florida will lose tons of money because the orange crops will fail, therefore the grocery prices will hike up at an all-time high. Go get space heaters to keep your bills down as it will be almost impossible to afford the climbing in the utility bills; you won’t be able to keep up. In California they will experience rain that will cause mud slides that will be impossible to recover from. How long? Until God says so, and you dear children of God have seen the signs and have heard the warning! Get your house in order!!  How do you recover from that?
Matthew 16:1-4 (Life Application Study Bible NIV) States:

 “One day the Pharisees and Sadducees came to test Jesus, demanding that he show them a miraculous sign from heaven to prove his authority."
He replied, “You know the saying, red sky at night means fair weather tomorrow, red sky in the morning means foul weather all day.” You know how to interpret the weather signs in the sky, but you don’t know how to interpret the signs of the times!"
 "Only an evil adulterous generation would demand a miraculous sign, but the only sign I will give them is the sign of the prophet Jonah.” Then Jesus left them and went away.
It wasn’t but a few days later that this country experienced and is still experiencing one of the worst winters in the United States History. Things are still happening; California is experiencing Mud slides to the point that they are evacuating certain parts of Northern California. The Arctic Cold and Ice Storms has hit and Handicapped Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. The Water is running out in certain states and people are hitting stores like never before trying to get enough for their family. And as we all know everything is going up, except our pay checks! Saints Get it together….once again Pastor Thompson Heard from the Lord and obeyed the call to Warn God’s People….Hallelujah, Glory unto the Most High God!!!! Saints the time is now, don’t wait another second…hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church and take Heed!
Thank you Pastor Thompson, Keep up the God work in Jesus name. amen! 

Glory to The Messiah!!!!!!

In the first week of January, 2014 I called Elder Mark Thompson and ask him to pray for my son who is also a minister. The devil was trying to attack him. I could see the hurt in my son's eyes. Not only was he affected by this the whole family was feeling the brunt of the devil. Upon calling Elder Mark he immediately said to me you do not have to tell me anything I already know the devil traveled a thousand miles for him.  I did not question him on how he knew I knew how this man of god knew. He said I need you to call your son and tell him God said he has the victory. And to keep the faith because he will overcome this. He also said that it was doors being open for him and that there was a lot of jealousy surrounding him but he will come out fine.  I did as he asked and told my son, he decided to call Elder Mark himself. Within that following week the doors that my son was trying to open for over a year had begun to be opened, things started happening for the good and to this day my son is on a roll, fulfilling his dreams.  First and foremost I want to thank God for favor and Elder Mark Thompson for being their for my son and keeping him lifted in prayer. And I just want to say what a awesome man of God he is.  
                                                                                             Thanks so much and be blessed
                                                                                                          Ms Alice Jones

Alice Jones Testimony!!!!

On the first of December Elder Mark Thompson called me for prayer I asked him to pray for my brother who had a stroke, immediately He said my concern is with blondie she is strong on my mind, I am really worried about her. I stated that my sister was fine and that nothing was wrong with her at that time. Two weeks later I get a call from my nephew stating I need to go check on my sister who was in the hospital in ICU. Upon arriving at the hospital I go to ICU and low and behold my sister was on a ventilator fighting for her life, I was devastated. I knew she had a cold but what went wrong come to find out was that she had a severe case of pneumonia. I immediately text Elder Mark Thompson and ask him to pray for her, he assured me she would be ok it was just an attack on her body and to have faith. On Christmas day we were called to the hospital because she had taken a turn for the worse. I called Mark devastated crying, he said you have to have faith blondie is going to be ok by that weekend after Christmas she started turning around for the better. Ventilator was removed and she started to breath on her own. We all gave god the praise, glory and honor because we knew the final say so was His. Then we had to overcome another hurdle, she had been on so much medications she had started hallucinating. Elder Mark Thompson then told me that was and another attack from the devil and she would get her mind back. After 3 days Mark called me and said God told me to tell you that your sister's mind was coming back. I went to see my sister and she was talking normal. Once again I gave god the praise. I called Mark and informed him of such and told him that they wanted to take some biopsies on her lungs and that they wanted to send her to a rehab Mark informed me that my sister was coming home he did not know what the hold up was but she would be coming home that next day January 9,2013 my sister called and said they said I can go home I was amazed. She is not walking good on her own but my baby sister is alive to God be the glory. What doctors had wrote off God said I am not ready for her just yet. And I want to thank God and Elder Mark for his encouraging words.

My Testimony!!!!!

Praise the Lord and God bless everyone. My name is Ciani Thompson one of Elder Mark Thompson daughters I am 12 years old. We were in church February 9, 2014 and my father preached a good message. I like to hear my father preach, and sometimes he prophecies. On this day I said to the Lord you have never given me a word before and the first thing he did is come over to me and he said Ciani the Lord told me to tell you that he enjoys how nicely you get dressed when you come to church, he also said that he sees how I spend a lot of time with him and read my bible and that he is very happy and pleased!!! I was happy to recieve my very first word from the Lord and look forward to many more!!! 

Happy New Year!!!!!

The Word of Christ would like to wish all its members, friends, and family a Happy New Year!!! As we are on the cusp of 2014 we look forward to going higher in Christ this coming year. I petition the saints of God to press in harder than every before and begin to pray for the mercy of God to fall and cover the saints of Christ!!! We are truly in the last days, the signs and evidence are becoming harder and harder to ignore, so we must prepare ourselve for the coming of Christ this year!!!

                            May you be blessed in this NEW YEAR!!!!!

                               Remember that God loves you!!!!

                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


A Word From The Lord!!!

Good afternoon friends and family of the Word of Christ ministries!!! I am coming to you with a message that the Lord has recently laid on my heart. After a night of interceeding and asking the Lord for guidance I was lead to petition our members and followers to begin to sew seeds financially into this ministry!!! The Lord is leading me to expand the Word of Christ and to begin preparation to open a church. With the new year approaching the Word of Christ Ministries is preparing to reach higher heights in the Lord, and reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! I have noticed an increase in our visitors to the blog and witnessed countless testimonies from both members and friends of this ministry!!! It is written in the word that signs and wonders follow those that follow Christ, and we are asking that you take notice of the signs and wonders that have been taking place in this ministry!!! It is important to sew into good ground in order to produce the blessings of Christ on your life, and I can assure you that the Word of Christ ministries is deeply grounded in the Word of Jesus Christ!!! We are asking that you will seek out God and sew whatever the Lord places on your heart. I Thessalonians 5:24 states Faithful is He that calleth you who also will do it!!! Mathew 10:41 states the he that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall recieve a profit's reward!!!! In Hebrews 10:23 the bible states that He is faithful that promises, we are asking that you be faithful in sewing to our ministry on a continuous basis. I want to sincerely than you all for your continuous love and support of this ministry; with the help of Christ we have come a long way and look forward to greater growth in the very near future!!! Feel free to send us prayer request through email or call us at anytime!!!

If you would like to sew a seed you can do so through paypal using our email which is
mt@wocministries.org or through traditional mail at
Word of Christ Ministries
PO Box 4580
Philadelphia, PA 19131-5205

We have also recently added a few new sermons on youtube that you are able to view by enetering Mark H. Thompson into the search box on the Youtube website!!!!

God Bless from Pastor Mark Thompson and the Word of Christ Ministries!!!!!

"The Mighty EL SHADDAI"

     At the end of a service during the summer revival an altar call was given for those who wanted prayer to come to receive prayer.  A prophetic mantle was upon Elder Thompson.  Many people who attended the service received a word of wisdom and word knowledge from the Lord.

     One particular lady attended the Friday evening service.  She is a Dean of a college in the Atlanta area, and a former High School Principal.   Before praying for her, Elder Thompson looked at her and said “God is about to promote and elevate you, and give you the desires of your heart.  He further said to her, you have sought God about this, haven’t you?”  She began to cry and say yes.  She shared that she came for a specific word from God, and had received her answer.

     Last week Dr. Cummings, called the ministry excited and bubbling with joy.  She began to share that God told her to come to the revival and He would give her a sign, a word, direction for her life.  She further shared that the Lord told her to sow a seed offering into the ministry.  She obeyed God and gave what the Lord told her to give as an offering. 

     Dr. Cummings had asked the Lord for a Homeless Shelter for Children.  She had also asked the Lord to provide a building with at least 50 rooms for the shelter.  During a business meeting an investor was at the university.  She began to share with him what the Lord had placed in her heart.  Several days later the investor called her and asked is a hotel big enough in an affluent area in Atlanta?  He further told her he would take care of the building renovations.  Dr. Cummings immediately acknowledged the Hand of God blessing her and wanted to let Word of Christ Ministries know that God is moving and has intervened on her behalf.       
     She is having her first informational meeting for the public on November 12th at 9:00 in the morning.  All metro Atlanta school districts Homeless Education Department Coordinators have been invited to share information about the facilities availability to their students who are without a place to live.  She is praising God for the Word of Wisdom given to her, and for the seed offering sown into the ministry which helped to produce her answered prayer.

      Word of Christ Ministries along with its founder Elder Mark H. Thompson are humbled and truly thank the Lord for His manifested Glory into the lives of His people.

Word of Christ Ministries


”The Rain of God Manifested”

        During the revivals held in Atlanta Georgia during the winter of 2012, and summer of 2013 the Lord truly manifested His Glory over the course of each revival.  Testimonies continue to be shared with Elder Thompson, and his Atlanta family.  As the people share how the Lord continues to bless them, Word of Christ Ministries continues to be humbled by the goodness of God.

       God promised His people the rain of God would be manifested in the form of answered prayers during both of these awesome revivals.  During the revival Elder Thompson ministered to the Senior Pastor of Faith Temple, Pastor Nelson.  He told him by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, God says “Yes, Yes, Yes to three things you have asked him about”.  Word of Christ Ministries is happy to report that each of Pastor Nelson’s prayer requests has been answered. (1) He asked the Lord for a child, the child was born in April after the couple had lost five previous babies.  The Lord revealed to Elder Thompson that the child would be a male prior to him being born, and that the baby would be a Prophet to the Nations.  To date, the baby is six months old, and Elder Thompson is one of the God Grandparents.  (2) He asked the Lord for a house.  God manifested this answered prayer supernaturally.  Pastor Nelson was given a three bedroom split level house with little down payment, and no credit check, and the person who gave it to them financed it for a short period of time and the house will be paid in full. (3) Pastor Nelson’s last prayer request was over the financial obligations the church had to the mortgage company.  God blessed him by giving him favor with the mortgage company to delay foreclosure proceedings, and then later laid it upon someone’s heart to pay the mortgage off completely debt free, in Jesus name. 

Word of Christ Ministries



What a Mighty God We Serve!


     Praise the Lord, I want to first give honor to the Most High God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all that He is and All that He's done. To Him be all Glory! Well the last time I wrote to you all was to tell you of how God blessed me and my family by bringing us out of a seemingly bad situation  to a blessed situation. From having no money; to having been blessed with more than enough. God used Pastor Thompson in a Mighty way by obeying God's voice and the call upon his life, he was able to send us what was needed to not only stay in the hotel for the four days that we'd paid for but to bless me and my four children and new grand baby to stay an aditional 16 days more. Yes you heard me right, through this man of God we were at that hotel for a total of 20 days before God would release us to leave. Pastor spoke to me half way into our stay and said that it wouldn't be long till we would,... No, he said that I would have my own place. that inspite of the credit reports, despite  the eviction notice of my past, that GOD SAID!  I would have it, not too many days from that day. My God is an Awesome God!!!! It was on the 19th day of September that I found myself texting Pastor Mark informing him that I was sitting in my very own living room floor and that I didn't have furniture but my heart felt so overwhelmed that I was in MY OWN! I still had to get my daughter and her family in a place, I knew that I would have to pray and believe even more because like her mother she had some credit issues as well. But if God had done it for me surely He'd do it for her too. I called Pastor Mark up again and he knew already what was happening, he told me not to even worry about it, that God Said it and it is so. Guess what ya’ll ... My daughter has a place right in back of my place. Not too shabby of a place either! I just praise God for a man of God that is like God......What do I mean you ask? Well aren't you glad that Pastor Mark doesn't get tired of our calls just like Jesus, whose line is never too busy for us and is always listening to our cries. Thank you Pastor for being Obedient, to the call and keep up the God work; God understands and sees your labor of love and reward you in due season! We are praying for you and thank you.


                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pastor Tammy Ruffin