Be Still and Know That I am God


Psalm 42:10

Change has come and now is the time to move forward, you are walking in the blessing of the Lord.  Well you might be asking; where are the blessings, I can’t see it… This is happening because you are not allowing yourself to behold the blessings.  You are looking with your eyes, the eyes of flesh, looking through all pain, all the rejection, your financial issues, how many friends you have or don’t have; you can’t see beyond the tears, the broken relationships, strain from a job or from parents, the loss of loved ones, you just can’t seem to find any peace. You need to start walking by faith, to rise above your situation put your faith in the Lord. You need to know you are more than a conqueror, you can not be defeated, you serve the God of impossibility; if your heart is broken, take it to Jesus because he knows exactly what to do.  Look at yourself in this day and know you are a weapon of mass destruction, we serve the Lord God, the can do God. Blessings to you! This is your day.  You’re coming out of a state of depression.  Lift up your hands in victory!

So be still. Be patient and know that Jesus is Lord.  Your days will be better for it.

From the Word of Christ Ministries. We love you all and God bless you all.


Everyday’s Mom’s Day

Once a year our nation dedicates a day to Mothers and rightfully so, but this is not nearly enough. Everyday is fit to show Mom appreciation because of the unconditional and everlasting motherly love bestowed on us by our Mothers.  Yes, this Mothers day 2016 is a  special day, no doubt, but we challenge you to make every day a day to glorify and appreciate your mother for her love and sacrifice.  To all the mothers around the world, have a wonderful mothers day.  From this day forward, from the Word of Christ ministries, God Bless you all.



You Deserve All The Glory

Last year 2015 was one of the most challenging year’s for me because it was a time of great blessings and of great losses. My youngest daughter and her husband were United in marriage and was expecting their first child. everything was going wonderfully and all was  well when at 20 weeks,  her body began to go into pre-term labor and shortly there after we were mourning the loss of our baby boy (David Eli).  Wow, what a time that was, I mean to counsel others about life and death, somehow wasn’t as easy to do when it came to yourself. I called Pastor Thompson and shared what had happened, and he told me that although this is hurtful, remember God is still in control and that He knows what’s best. I heard the words but my heart was far from it.   We grieved and embraced one another through this time but my heart still was heavy.  It wasn’t but a few days later when I recieved a call from Pastor Thompson telling me that God had told him that my daughter and her husband will concieve again and that the blessing would be doubled, that she would be having twin boys.  I thought to myself, I can’t say that to them, not now. But he assured me that they would be having twins boys in the near future.  Get ready because it wont be long. Well,  estatic at what I heard, and inspite of my own reservations I went on and told my daughter the message from Pastor Thompson. She didn’t believe it, or did she?

You see she went on and said, “I don’t know about that mom” Now this is the same child that was told three years prior, by Eld. Thompson, that she would not only be married in a short time but she’d be married to her best friend and she was instructed not to hurt him. That man is currently my son in law today, so even though she tried to block out the Prophetic word given to her, she started picking out twin boys names in advance, without being pregnant at that time.  Time went on, month after month, Negative test results everytime.  Hoo-ray a miracle she  finally had gotten pregnant, she would be informed by the time she got to her first appointment that she was pregnant,  WITH TWINS!  God, You deserve the Glory, and the honor, I lift my hands in Worship and I bless your Holy Name for You are an Awesome God.   For You are Great, You do miracles so Great. There is No one else like you, No One Like You.

Thank you Pastor Thompson for your obeidence to the call of True Prophet, and Thank you Word of Christ Ministries for allowing me to share of the wonderous works of God here on the Blog And Thank you Jesus, for all that you do and all that you are. You truly deserve the Glory!

In Christ Jesus, your humbled servant

Tammy D. Ruffin, Pastor

New Beginnings Family Worship Center

From Day to Day, From Glory to Glory!

This March of 2016 the insurance company went up sagnificantly on our house insurance, making our monthly mortgage payment off the roof and the mortgage company said that if I would pay the difference we would be in the clear. God has blessed us to make and maintain on a regular, the Ministry. It is always an added stress when additional bills are added into the equation, but to God be the glory I knew what had to be done.  I really didn’t have it to give, but was willing to do what was necessary to futher the Kingdom.  So I did what I knew to do, and that was to go to the lord in secret pray and leave my cares  right there. I asked the lord to help in this situation and make the necessary arrangments meeting this need.  Well it wasn’t long after that,  maybe a week or so, that God sent two people,  one from the Word of Christ Ministry and the other a giver called to give to the Word of Christ,   together making up the total need and covering the cost for not just that one month but get this…. for the Entire Year! TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR THE THINGS HE HAS DONE ….AND STILL DOES FROM DAY TO DAY !!!!!

I would like to take this time to thank all of those who faithfully gives in tithe and offering and give donation into this Ministry as the scripture has stated in Hebrew 6:10,  “God has not forgotten your labor of love”  and Neither have we here at The Word of Christ Ministries.

Elder Mark H. Thompson, Pastor

Word of Christ Ministries

Did you hear the Warning?

July 5, 2015 Pastor Thompson prophesied to the body of Christ, during a Revival Service held at the church I was attending.  He sent forth Warning to the people to prepare ourselves for a Storm like non-other and said it would begin right here in Louisiana.

Many prophetic words were given, prior and were posted  on the Word of Christ web sight, but few listened or took it seriously.  “WARNING, WARNING, WARNING! 10/30/2015,”Midwest Prophesy” 1/7/2016, and  “Prophetic Forcast/ the Liquid Winter” 1/8/2016 just to name a few.  All telling of the soon coming storm but No one listening to the forcast, no one taking heed to the warnings and now, we are here, right in the middle of the storm.

Did you Stock up on Water, because I hate to be the barer of bad news, the water is not fit for human consumption, it’s contaminated. Did you buy plenty of food, because the stores are not stocked up, not enough food to go around.  This havoc hit Rayville, Monroe, and all the connecting cities here in the Louisiana.  Also included in this storm were,  Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.  In fact it has hit record levels of rain fall, the Biggest thread in Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee Valley.

Alert! Get Ready was posted on 1/24/2016 and on 3/2016 came the storms of Epic proportion of what was prophesied that would happen across the world and in the southern parts of the country.

Over and Over the word of warning has been announced. The Man Servant Pastor Thompson has stood firmly on the words given to him by the Father, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  to Warn the people. You now know that when a word of this magnitude is brought forth, to listen and take heed. God is about to put us into a catastrophic storm but know that He, (God) is with us. That Sunday Morning I heard the word, I took heed to the warning, what will you do? It’s just the Beiginning, what will you do?

Michael Solis, Pastor

Faith Living Waters Ministries

The Miracle

In 1/2016 my five year old cousin Zaire, was admitted  into the Children’s hospital in Philadelphia , PA. He had been struggling with Sicklecell Anemia is an inherited  form of anemia a condition in which there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen throughout your body. This disease effects 1 in 500 African Americans and 1 in 1400 Hispanic Americans.  Upon admittance,  he had fallen into a coma and paralized on the left side of his body.  His mother and family was distraut at the condition of her baby, as expected!  She asked if we would all pray for her child’s healing. She said, ” I knew that prayer would be the answer and that God would honor my request”.  On 1/22/2016, I contacted someone who I felt would and could reach the heaven in my cousin’s behalf. I called Pastor Mark Thompson of the Word of Christ Ministries to pray for him.   I needed somone to pray with Power and I knew that this would work.  Many times in the past,  He prophesied  things into my life and it had always come to pass so I was sure it would work this time.

When I reached out to Pastor Thompson that day, I expressed my situation,  and after hanging up with him, he called me back and said, “Don’t Worry he’s going to be okay.  He’s going to wake up,  he’s coming out of that coma and he will be leaving that hospital.”  Three days later, he came out of that coma, Praise God, but still paralized. Eld. Thompson then called me and asked about Zaire and I told him of his current condition.  I said, “Still paralized but out of the coma”.  He told me, not to worry, that He was coming out that hospital, not many days from that day. I am Pleased to announce that my little cousin  Zaire , left that hospital on 2/22/16 walking and talking with his mother right out of Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. He was holding hands and laughing with his mother,  who was thanking God for the wonderous miracle that Had been given.   There are many people professing to be a true prophet in the world today,  but you know what?  I know a real one!  Thank you Jesus for Eld. Thompson for being obedient to  the call of Prayer Worrior,  Prophet and Pastor.  We thank God  for putting him into our lives so that  my family and I would know, once again , Real Life Miracles Still happen!  GOD YOU ARE A AWESOME GOD!!!

Thank You Jesus!!!!

The Sailes Family

Victory in the Name of Jesus

Giving honor to our heavenly Father the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so very grateful to God for His Holy Spirit continually leading and guiding me into all truth and righteousness. I am thankful and grateful to be sitting under a leadership that teaches sound Doctrine and exemplifys true love for God’s people. We have been blessed with Pastor Mark Thompson of the Word of Christ Ministries, a true Prophet of God.  Some months ago, in fact it was July of 2015 when my nephew Jeremiah Homer, a Honor student, carrying a 4.0 GPA got involved in a situation that he found himself in what could possibley be a life changing event for his future, and that’s not a change for the better. Being a young gullable young man he was excited to land such an oppurtunity. He  was hired with a company that would allow him to make quite abit of money. He was asked to cash checks for the business and with each transaction he would earn a large sum of money.Needless to say, the banks caught this hoaxed business and Jeremiah was the only one caught on tape and  well  now, Jeremiah was now facing 2 years prison time, $26,000 restitution and 13 years probation. The judge made the statement that he would be made as a example to all who would commit this kind of crime.  Now Jeremiah had never been in trouble before, he had no priors on his record and when he explained that he was only an employeed by the company, the judge did not take these things under consideration she just wanted to throw the book at him. When I phoned Pastor Thompson and informed him of what had happened, I asked him to please pray for my nephew.  The Lord spoke to Pastor and he prophesied that not only will they let my nephew go but that he would never serve any prison time, not one day! He said that God said, that Jeremiah would be alright. I’m sent here to tell you that my nephew, Jeremiah Homer is back in school, fulltime, he has never served any prison time, not one day, a Miracle in and of itself, Hallelujah! By December 2015 Jeremiah was released.  An example was definately  made alright in the life of Jeremiah, the example that was made was that God is in complete control, He is the only Judge,and Jury and His word is final. To God be the Glory! Thank you Prophet Thompson for your obedience and thank you heavenly Father for giving us, favor and Victory in the Name of Jesus.

God Humble Servant

Evangelist Balinda Shaw

I Know What Prayer Can Do!

Praise the Lord ladies and Gentleman, Y’all let me tell you what My God has done this time!  Wensday afternoon 1/20/16, on my Noon-day prayer line, we were having a good time enjoying the presence of the all Mighty God when mid-way thrue Pastor Mark Thompson of Word of Christ Ministries decided to join us.  Now it wasn’t uncommon for him to join us, as he did often times in past, however this time as I was Led by the Spirit, God told me to ask Pastor Thompson to lead us in a special prayer of Healing for those strickened with an ailment. Now Pastor had No idea that I myself had previously had an issue where three years ago I under went surgery and the place that was cut, had not fully healed…. Yes, that’s right, I walked around with a open wound for three years and because of my out of control sugar I had not healed properly. Well I knew that God could and yes I had believed but this day I was determined to get my miracle.  Let me tell you something, When I asked everyone to believe God for their healing and to lay hands on that part of their body that needed healing, Pastor Thompson went to Praying like a mad man and before we got off that phone, not only was my side no longer hurting, but that hole….. SEALED UP AND I AM HEALED! “Greater things will you do in my Name” these are the words of the Lord. A Miracle had taked place, and God is not through! I know what prayer can do, and if He’s done it for me, He will definately do it for you too! Believe it and recieve it in Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus!!!

Praising God Sincerly

Pastor Tammy Ruffin

A Celebration of Life

On Saturday afternoon, 1/16/2016 I was  both priveledged and honored to speak at the home going memorial service for a dear friend and sister of the Word of Christ Ministries, Mother Lucy Collins. What an amazing turn-out for such an amazing woman, I thought to myself as a smile came across my heart. Surly God was going to get the Glory today!

And so we Celebrate the Sunrise, Sunset service of Mother Lucy Collins, born 1/4/1923, went home to be with Jesus 1/6/2016.

We celebrate a woman who loved Jesus, and His word all the way up to the day of her passing.  She would have me to come read the bible to her, and as I walked into her room, her face just lit up as she  listened to the Awesome  Word of God.  And so we celebrate not just her life here on earth,  but what better way to celebrate her life than to begin as she finished,  Loving God, Loving family, living  and learning all she could about the Lord Jesus Christ.

With Great honor on this day,  her life will not be forgotten because, on this day, 57 out of 60  Men, women and a whole lot of young people gave their life to the Lord. Now thats a Holy Ghost Party like none other…..

Thank you Jesus, for lending mother to us for 93 Glorious years, this is not goodbye but we’ll see you later mother collins.

Mark H. Thompson, Pastor

Word of Christ Ministries, Inc.