A Word From The Lord.

From The Lord!!!

Good afternoon friends and family of the Word of Christ ministries. I am coming to you with a message that the Lord has recently laid on my heart. After a night of interceding  and asking the Lord for guidance I was lead to petition our members and followers to began to sow a seeds financially into this ministry. The Lord is leading me to expand the Word of Christ and to begin preparation to open a Church. With the New year approaching the Word of Christ Ministries is preparing to reach higher heights in the Lord, and reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have noticed and increase in our visitors to the blog and witnessed countless testimonies from both members and friends of this Ministry. It is written in the word that signs and wonders  have been taking place in the Ministry. It is important to sow into good ground in order to produce the blessing of Christ on you life, and I can assure you that the word of Christ Ministries is deeply grounded in the Word of Jesus Christ. We are asking that you will seek out God and sow whatever the Lord places on your heart. 1 Thessalonians 5:24 states: Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. Mathew 10:41 states that: He receiveth a Prophet  in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophets’s reward. Hebrews 10:23 states: For he is faithful that promised.

We are asking that you be faithful in sowing to our Ministry on a continuous basis. I want to sincerely thank you for your continuous love and support of this Ministry;with the help of Christ we have come a long way and look forward to greater growth in the very near future. Feel free to send us prayer request through email or call us anytime.

If you would like to Sow a seed you can do so through Paypal using our email which is: mt@wocministries.org

Or through traditional mail: Word of Christ Ministries PO Box 4580, Philadelphia PA 19131-5205

We recently added a few new sermons on Youtube that you are able to view by entering: Mark H. Thompson into the search box on Youtube website.

God bless from Pastor Mark Thompson and the Word of Christ Ministries

He is a Mighty Awesome God.

A Mighty Awesome God

“But with out faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

During my Churches’ Anniversary Celebration of 10 years, we had a Guest Minister who talked about the 10 “C” in which we as Christians would experience this year. All 10 of the “C” consisted of test, trials and challenges. However, what is interesting through each test, trail and challenges; I learned that I can determine the final outcome based on my trust, hope and faith in God.

Needless to say the test, trails and challenges have continued to present themselves in many areas of my life, but God continues to deliver my family and I out of them all.  On Friday, March 8, 2013 another challenge visited my family.  At my point of desperation I visited my mother, who somehow always reminds me of who I am in Christ Jesus. After arriving at my mother’s house as usual she know something was wrong and began to go through her routine as I had expected. However, my heart was still heavy as I was facing so many challenges, and was wondering how the Lord would deliver me this time.

My mother knew she needed some additional prayer assistance, as I was getting ready to leave, she contacted Pastor Thompson. I was walking out the door, speaking doubt and unbelief, and my mother said, Pastor Thompson would like to speak to you.

Praise God for Pastor Thompson, because his opening sentence to me was, “I love you, but God loves you more.” These words got my attention. Immediately after that Pastor Thompson began to pray for me and my situation.  His prayer was mighty and strong as he began to decree and declare the blessings of God over my life, and curse the devils lies. His prayer was full of the faith of God as he spoke the word of God over me and my family and reminded the devil of his counterfeit operations, which would not prevail. As I listened to the prayer, the peace of God began to flood my being, and I knew somehow God would meet  our need.

As I was driving after I left my mother’s house, I began to praise and bless God simply because he is good. I began to  tell the Lord how much  I love him. suddenly, my cell phone rang, and it was friend telling me the Lord had instructed them to be a blessing to me. Then immediately after that call, my sister called me to inform me they were going to help me. Tears streamed down my face as the Lord had answered Pastor Thompson’s prayer for me in less than an hour. Joy filled my soul, as now; I had the money to get all of my utilities turned back on and pay another bill. Thank God  for my mother who knew I needed Pastor Thompson to help her reach me.

Pastor Thompson I truly thank God for your steadfast walk with the Lord, which enables you to go before the Throne of Grace to get prayers answered immediately. My family and I are eternally grateful to you for first loving God, and second for loving us. My prayer for you Sir, is that God bless you with the same measure of blessing in which you continue to sow into the lives of the multitude.

Eternally Grateful

La Trilya Peters

march 11. 2013

The Hand of God At Work Again!!!

The Hand of God!!

Each Saturday Elder Thompson has Bible Study faithfully with Greg and his wife.  God always has a word in season for this family. On last Saturday, February 9, 2013  during the Bible Study, Elder Thompson spoke a word from God to Greg. He stated that God has a word for you to give to someone. This was nothing new, as Elder always has inspiring words from the Lord with directions.

Greg is currently on house arrest, this is another testimony of the goodness of God; as the verdict could have been much worst based on what he was convicted of. Moving forward, last Sunday afternoon while Greg was asleep, Greg wife was startled by a loud knock at the door. To her  surprise, when she open the door she was met by the police. They forcefully entered their home and dragged Greg outside shackling both his hands and ankles. All the while the Lord still had his hands upon this family. In the midst of all of the confusion, Glory be to God, Greg’s young child who was 2  was never awakened to the distress of seeing her father taking away.

Greg’s wife was extremely upset that this had occurred she called Elder Thompson for prayer, she was crying and was very upset. After hearing what was wrong, Elder Thompson shared with her that he did not have an urgency in his spirit, and that her husband would be allowed to come home.

Greg shared that once he had been processed into jail; he got on his knees and prayed to ask God for his divine will for his life. During this time he remembered that God had a specific task for him to complete, there was a word to be spoken that the Lord had assigned Greg to deliver. Greg acknowledged God, saying, “Lord use me here, I will do as you ask of me.”

There were other men in the jail cell with him. One man in particular slept all the time and said this was how he made time pass by quickly. Other men in the cell did not make this stay easy for Greg as they began to bother him. However, Greg held fast to the hope and promise of  the Lord which had been spoken to him. He refused to allow the men to detour his testimony and witness of the Lord.

Suddenly there was an opportunity to minister to the person who was asleep all the time. When the man woke up, Greg told the man God has something for you to do for him while you are here, this got the man’s attention.  The man replied, I have been told that I have a call on my life. Having obtained his attention, Greg began to share stories about the numerous times the hand of God had brought him victory upon victory. He shared how he became associated with Elder Thompson having Bible Study in a relatives repair shop, a garage where cars were worked on. After Greg finished sharing the countless testimonies with the man, he was inspired and had hope and assurance.

Immediately after Greg had shared the word of hope and assurance with the man in the cell, his victory came. The calls he was making to his wife went through as they would not before. Also, around                4:00 am  in the morning they came to inform Greg that he was going home. It is important to understand that according to Greg this is a lengthy process and can sometimes take week and even months. However, God saw fit to allow his servant to be released from jail, and returned him to his wife and child in a matter of hours, because of his obedience by sharing the word of God with the person to bring hope, assurance and inspiration.

Today, one week later February 16, 2013, Greg is praising God for his favor and goodness. In his words he is thankful to God and Elder Thompson for not giving up on him.  Each week without fail for the past 3 years Elder conducts Bible Study with and inspired word for Greg and his  family

God has commissioned us all as Christians according to Mark 16:15 to go into the world and preach the Gospel of peace and bring good tidings to every creature. Greg’s family is rejoicing today that Elder Thompson is taking heed by obeying the word of the Lord.


Praise the Lord to the King, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Praise The Lord to The King of Kings.

I was thinking about something that happened to me back on February 16, 2013.  I had been on the Monday Night Prayer Clinic with Elder Thompson.  The Clinic opens with a welcome, a prayer and then teaching. After the teaching the floor is open to anyone who wants to ask for prayer. Throughout the week we all go through different things; anything from sickness, children, job, church, death and so many other things. The unfortunate truth about it is a lot of times we have no one to talk to, so, the Lord has given Elder Thompson this Prayer Clinic on Monday nights from 6- 7 pm.  After dialing into the service and entering the access code you are entered into the conference call. The best thing about this setup is you can utilize a headset of blue tooth and listen in while you’re at work, school, or engage in any other daily activity. In this case it just so happened that I was at work and listening. After the call was completed I was feeling blessed by the Lord the entire week. Jesus always comes right on time. Just prior to that call I was feeling overly sad because I had lost my first cousin just a few days earlier. After spending just one hour on the prayer call and praising the Lord I was feeling very upbeat. Do you know the devil could see me starting to come from underneath that spirit of depression and attempted to sabotage my work place. Without getting long winded and getting into all the specifics. I had  very heated discussion between myself and a coworker. Just to show you how close the Lord stays to you if you belong to him. He knows all that you go through. After the disagreement with this person at work I was extremely upset and distraught. Just then my phone rang and it was Elder Thompson. He said to me when I answered, “Chris are you okay?” I quickly answered yes, but his response was the Lord just told me to call you, and tell you to pray. Now there was noway that anyone could have known about what I had just gone through at work, except the person and myself. What I realized  was that I was wrong in that situation not because of what I said to the person, but the tone I used and the way I said what I did. After work I went straight home and prayed to the Lord asking for the Lord to forgive me for what I had done. I assumed that was the end of it. When I went to work Tuesday, my heart was extremely heavy and I was compelled to tell the person I was sorry for the way I spoke to them. Then I remembered I read the Bible, you have to go to the person that you have wronged, before you can ask God for forgiveness. Even though I was right in principle I was wrong for the way I handled the situation; It was not Godly at all. Jesus saw that I went to that person so that he could forgive me. Jesus will even help you straighten out your mess if you let him; Isn’t he GREAT!!


It is His Grace!!!!!

It is His Grace!!!

It is January 21, 2013, I am giving honor to Jesus Christ the Lord of  my life. I want you all to know that God works in our lives when we have prayed and forgotten the prayer. God is still working on it. We know that Jesus Christ can do anything in twinkling of an  eye, so that makes us wonder what takes so long when our prayers go unanswered. I have found in my life that sometimes I’m not ready for the blessing, I have asked for. He, Jesus I mean, has left a living book that fits every situation. He has a way for us to come to him at anytime. It’s real simple, Jesus gave his life for us; he died on the cross that we may have everlasting life with him. We have Jesus that loved us this much.

I have been praying for my family for a long time now, I pray that all of us give our lives to our Personal Savior, and  live a life that will bring others to him, just by seeing the change in us. let me give you and example of what I have been talking about. I have a grandson named Steve, he is my eldest one. I have had him before the Lord for a long time. Lets see, I guess he was about 15 or 16 when his mother and I began to worry about him. When you have the Lord Jesus in you Life you see things differently in the world. It was not so much Steve, but it was the people, places and things around him. It wasn’t long before Steve began to get into a little trouble here and there. Then the devil began to try to take his life. Steve was brought up to know the Lord and to pray, to respect his elders, and so on. But I don’t know how much of these teachings stayed in his heart. Steve grew up with some little boys that became like brothers to him. One of them he moved in with when he was about 17.  So he stayed between his friend house and his Mother’s, calling himself being grown. This was the first time Satan came for his life. He loved his friend and they spent most of their time together. The young man had a car and the boys spent a lot of time just sitting in it. So this one day Steve left his friends to go home for a little while to see his mom. I am guessing to eat some of her cooking which he loves. It wasn’t long after Steve got out of the car and went home; maybe while he was still in route. The young man was still sitting in the car when someone drove up along side the car and shot and killed Steve’s friend, his brother, his pal. If it wasn’t for the Mercy of Jesus, Steve would have been in the car with his friend.

Me being his grandmother, you know we don’t always  get  everything that goes on. The second time Satan came after him, he and his friend had gone to the store not far from where he lived maybe a block or two at the most. The friend went into the store, the store gets robbed while Steve is out front talking to a girl, she leaves and he is standing there smoking. Now someone in the rear of the store goes out the back door and comes around the front. Sees Steve standing there  waiting  for his friend an shoots him in the neck. The shooter was one of the store owners. Steve’s Doctor tells his mother he has only seen this type of wound to end up two ways, the person usually either dies or is paralyzed for the  rest of their life. Steve walked out of the hospital under the mercy of Jesus Christ and has a little pain sometimes in his shoulder when he over uses it. I hope you guys aren’t getting tired of reading because I ‘m going to tell you how the Lord has moved in Steve’s life some more. Those of us that know the Lord Jesus can see the mercy of the Lord in this man’s life. While Steve was living in Ohio with his mother he got a word from the Lord.  Jesus sent a man to him and he kept running from his calling. If we live in the world and don’t read the bible and aren’t taught the word of God we don’t know what it means to have a call on your life.

This young man move to live with his other grandmother in another state. There he got his GED, a good job and even his driver license, so one would say that he is doing well. However, he still didn’t take heed to the word of the Lord. So the Lord being merciful sent another message one Christmas at my house. Just how fitting was that? To give him the chance to be born again on the day that we celebrate the birth of Christ. At this time Satan said to himself, since you didn’t give your life to Christ and have no covering I guess I will take another shot at taking your life. This time it was a car accident in which 3 cars were involved. A lady in one of the cars broke her leg. Steve however didn’t suffer any serious injuries and was only knocked unconscious for a very short period. Jesus Christ had a call on his life.  When Steve came back  to Philadelphia after he got a job and a car. I forgot to mention that he was visiting a friend and a man came up to him and robbed him. He didn’t injure or shoot him, but he could have, if it had not been for the Lord.

This and account of another time that I knew Satan tried to lay claim to his life and end it.  The Lord is still moving in his own time. Steve was on his job in December 2012 , he was a full time student  at the time  and he had a 2012 car, and a new apartment. Life looked pretty good for him right now. That accident was about 4 or 5 years ago. After the accident Steve got out of the hospital and never heard from the police, received a ticket or a date to go to court. Then one day Steve was randomly picked up and taken to jail for 15 days in Ohio, he would soon be transported to Philadelphia. You see Jesus had Steve in a place where he could minister to him and he couldn’t run anymore. By the time he was being transported to Philadelphia he had read Mathew, Mark and half of Luke. Jesus is still moving in his time and all the prayers that have been prayed for Steve are finely kicking in. Jesus Christ is going to show all that read this testimony that he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords over Judges, Lawyers and Doctors, and anyone else in authority. Bucks County wanted to hold him on 10 thousand dollars bail. but the Lord allowed him to walk out without paying a dime. Steve goes back to Ohio for 3 to 4 week and return to court on in Philadelphia on  his own. before he went back to Ohio he gave his life to the Lord, right in his grandmothers kitchen. Jesus waited for him a long time. He went to court on January 16, 2013 and took the Lord with him. A word was given to him by Elder Thompson that he would see the hand of God move on his behalf, and to have faith. When we got to court they moved us to 3 different court rooms. God was working when we reached number 3. That is where  the Lord did most of his work. The Judge was giving everyone parole or probation, and if you live out of town , you had to do 72 hours in jail first. A woman came and got Steve and took him upstairs and had him filling out papers before the Judge even called him. I didn’t even know he was gone. I was just watching the cases come up and how thy were being sentenced. I’m wondering where he was, at the time. When he came back to the court room he was called up and the Judge said that he would allow him to do everything he had to do from Ohio. Not to worry they would get in touch with him and work with him. He was the only one that went home with out doing 72 hours. the Lord moved Steve out of the court room, so his faith would not be shaken, because he was a babe in Christ, he did not allow him to feel that fear. Jesus Christ did it all that day. Remember I said in the beginning that we have prayed and God is working on it, even when we have forgotten the prayer. Look at all the years of Satan trying to take his life many times, but Jesus had a call on his life an his work has just began. The man of God used to bring the word each time and it  was Elder Mark Thompson. He would leave Philadelphia and go to Ohio just to give Steve that word. Steve is my grandson and I prayed for him many times and forgotten the prayers, but Jesus did not. Thank you Elder Thompson for your faithfulness to the Lord, Praise the Lord for placing you in our life. Through you Jesus has blessed many people to give their lives to him, I know that you are a Man of God, sent by God.

C. Proctor



“A Note From My Heart”

From My Heart.

Greeting Beloved,

I am humbled at the numerous individual who visit our website daily. it is my sincere and earnest prayer that as you read the many testimonies that our Lord continues to perform  at his hand that it brings hope and encouragement to you!

Recently, my daughter Ciani and I, had another opportunity to visits Atlanta area to join in the Celebration of a Church’s 10 year Anniversary. We were in Atlanta from January 15th until January 19th, 2013. I was excited about the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful Celebration. God even had me to share a few words at the Celebration, and pray a prayer for God’s people. As a Minister of the Gospel I was refreshed and renewed as it relates to the mission, vision, and purpose for Word of Christ Ministries.

I was elated being in Atlanta, I was reminded that I was there on assignment as well. I learned that the Lord requires us to be instant in and out of season for his will, work and purpose for your life. During my stay I was able to support  a brother in the Lord at his brother’s homecoming service. The look of surprise on his face when he saw me reminded me of how important it is to bear one another’s burden as we lift each other up in prayer before the Lord. He was happy to see me, he was blessed beyond reason as he was feeling alone and needed a brother  in the lord to lift him up.

Due to the stress of his loss of a loved one, his wife had to be hospitalized. The Lord allowed us to visit her and pray for the healing power of God to manifest in her body. The chest pains ceased, and all test were negative.  All praise to our God

Additionally, while in Atlanta I was able to speak words of wisdom and knowledge to my new family to bring peace, healing and hope. What a grand refreshing time in the Lord. Ciani and I arrived at the airport ready to return to Philadelphia. Little did we know that the assignment was not over. When we arrived at the airport, we were not able to depart. Needless to say, I was not happy about this, but quickly realized that my assignment destined to be completed.

During the Anniversary Service the Man of God spoke distinctly about pressing in to fulfill the call of God upon your life. He reminded us that along with fulfilling the call there would come challenges. Immediately the Lord reminded me of this, and I said to myself challenge number one, as when we hear a word spoken to us, we become accountable For the word of God sown into our hearts. However, with challenges come great victories, if we allow the Lord to manifest his glory in our lives.

Elder Mark Thompson.



When the Enemy Comes in Like a Flood

The Spirit of God Raises up a Standard against Him!!!

Elder Thompson learned on today the prophetic word delivered in Atlanta upset the devil. Praise God, that the Lord has already raised a standard against the devil. Immediately after the Man of God left the church parking lot, after the Christmas Eve Service, the devil attempted to raise his ugly head by bringing turmoil, confusion and an attempted fight. Glory to God in the Highest. He knows both the beginning and the end, even before it occurs, the prophetic word had already been delivered about the peace of God dwelling in the house. What the devil meant for bad, God turned it around for the good, all for the Glory of Our Father. As stated by the Man of God as the Holy Spirit gave him utterances, the Lord proclaimed that every person in the service would receive an answered prayer, because, God had heard their cries. We are eternally grateful that the people in Atlanta who attended this service are still reaping the benefits of the Word of God being sown into their heats. Our God is awesome, and better than good.

Word Of Christ Ministries.

Glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ: Our Lord and Savior

Our Lord and Savior.

First giving honor to God who is first in my life, and Elder Mark Thompson who has inspired me to believe that prayer makes a difference. His prayers have made a change in my life I was hospitalized on October 12, 2012 for several ailments. Elder Thompson came and anointed me and prayed with me. He told me that everything was going to be alright. With in a few week I was back home feeling better than I did prior to being admitted to the hospital. Hallelujah!!! the Lord truly blessed me. Thank God for Elder Thompson.

My husband Jose was having difficulty getting around. He was unable to move his legs. Elder Thompson had to bring him downstairs to go the hospital. Elder Thompson visited with him several times while he was there. He prayed with Jose and my husband surprised us all. He accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and his life. This was truly an amazing day because the man in the bed right next to Jose also excepted the Lord as his Personal Savior. Jose was released from hospital after 2 weeks, and to this day he looks forward to Elder Thompson arrival so we may praise the Lord together. Thanks be to the Lord for putting Elder Thompson in our Lives.

By Brenda and Jose.

“The Multi-Talented, The Multi-Tasking, The self Existing One”

Glory to God in the Highest, Peace, Good will towards men! Elder mark Thompson was sent by God to deliver a message straight from the throne of Grace in Atlanta  Georgia. Elder spent many hours listening to God about the specifics to share with his people. While preparing  to travel to Atlanta on the Airplane, the devil tried to hinder and stop the word from being delivered to the people of God. After arriving at the airport, he learned that the flight he was scheduled to fly was over booked, due to bad weather challenges in the mid west, directly impacting flights headed to the south. In fact, he was informed the likely hood of departing on the scheduled day probably  would not happen.

Elder Thompson, a man of faith, made a decision; that he would not allow anything to hinder him from doing the work of God. In his word, he said, “I have never allowed anything to stop me from carrying out the mission that God sends me on, and I will not allow nothing to stop me now”.  Elder Thompson rented a car and drove all night with his youngest daughter Ciani in order to reach Atlanta to deliver the powerful word given to him for his people. Ciani has traveled with her father for many years as a young child since early age of 3 years old to conduct revival and minster to the needs of Gods people.

A word of hope, a word of encouragement, and a word of miracles wrought at the hand of God were delivered at Faith Temple Church in Forest Park, Georgia. Fully anointed of the Lord, Elder Thompson proclaimed that this message was tailored specifically for the occasion and the word that God usually has him to minister is that of fire, brimstone, deliverance and faith.

God wanted his people to know that he desires to be first in their lives; The Lord wants to be second to none. He desires us to seek the kingdom of God and all his righteousness first. As  shared by Elder Thompson, when we make a conscious decision to put God first in our lives, then and only then are we ready to receive the Rain of God, as evidence by and open Heaven.

Elder Thompson spoke prophetically into the lives of people who were present in the service proclaiming, “Your wait is over”! When God is number one he has a free course to deliver the promises of God in the form of answered prayer into the lives of his people. No more struggles, as Elder Thompson called out specific of what the people in the congregation were dealing with, proclaiming the oracles of God as the Lord spoke into his ear. In fact, the Lord proclaimed that every person in the service would receive an answered prayer, because God had heard their cries.

The Lord used Elder Thompson  in a mighty way to give prophetic personal messages to more than 15 people during the service. What is truly amazing is each prophetic word was confirmed by the people of God to be 100% accurate and true. Please allow us to share some of the things the Lord confirmed in the lives of his people:

  • God confirmed with the senior pastor, that the 3 things he had ask for were all yes responses.
  • God confirmed with the Senior pastor’s mother that her prayer had been heard, and as a result of the seed she had sown serving God. He would answer her heartfelt prayer request. The Lord further proclaimed that he was requiring peace to abound in her home for the baby prophet to grow in his mother womb in a peaceful environment.
  • God confirmed that the 1st lady if the church who had challenges with her pregnancy would be full term.
  • God confirmed with an Elder of the Church who was elderly, that as a result of his faithfulness to God, he would honor his prayer request.
  • God confirmed the call on a young Minister present in the service, and also gave him direction on the things God was doing in his life.
  • God confirmed comfort to Elder Thompson 2 daughter to let them know that their mother would be transitioning into heaven.
  • God confirmed to an Evangelist which was present in the church that, I have heard your  prayers, and I am going to prosper you as you begin your new project. God further confirmed that the 34 year old marriage would get stronger and stronger. People who have done you wrong will no longer be able to hinder them in ministry.
  • God confirmed with a 1st lady of a up and quickly growing church of 10 years, that she would have further insight in to those persons who meant to hurt the ministry. Also, the Lord confirmed that God was delivering the financial help she had been seeking.
  • God confirmed  pronounced blessing over several children in the service.
  • God confirmed with a lady in the service that the thing she had asked God for was on the way. Elder instructed her to continue to do what she is doing. Keep her faith up and the promise would be delivered by early 2013. As Elder Thompson walked away from her, he stated that she was telling God when is he going to come to me and bring me a word. When she was asked was it true, she replied yes, and was laughing at the awesomeness of God. The man of God heard the demands she was making on God.
  • God confirmed with a young girl that she needed to treat her mother better, and stop giving her a hard time. Little did Elder Thompson; know that not only did the child’s mother confirm this to be true; a teacher at the child’s school was sitting in the audience who also confirmed that it was a true and authentic word from the Lord.

In closing, lives will never be the same after this service in Atlanta. According to 1 Kings 18:41 Elijah said unto Ahab,  get thee up, eat and drink, for there is sound of abundance of rain. This means that although you may not be experiencing the rain now, it does not mean that it is not coming and and on the way. The only requirement if to keep the Lord thy God as first in your life.

Word of Christ Ministries is giving all the praises to God who is strong and might, and capable of doing anything but failing. Thank you Lord for another successful mission as we move your Word across the county.!


Good News from Atlanta!!!

Since Elder Thompson’s visit to  Atlanta area the Lord continues to be magnified. The word  of God came and was sown on good ground and praise God for the fruit which continues to be produced. The prophetic word came forth declaring that each person in attendance at the service would receive blessing in the following areas:

  1. Spiritual Walk with God
  2. Finances
  3. Healing
  4. Renewed Relationships
  5. Ministries Birthed forth
  6. Call on God on lives answered
  7. Dedication to Making Jesus Lord
  8. Employment for the unemployed

One thing we learned for elder Thompson as the Word of God was shared, is the attacks will come; however, how we respond tot he attacks is what brings us the victory. The word of God informs us that the enemy will come in like a flood, however, our Lord Jesus has already raised a standard against him. So our perspective job is to believe God’s word and wait for the abundance of rain (blessing) our God has in store for us as Elder Thompson so elegantly imparted into our spirits.

Please read be low some of the manifestations at the hand of God, in which individuals  received who were in attendance at the Christmas Eve Service 2012

  • A couple came to  the service after notifying Elder Thompson they would not be able to attend due to their brother being diagnosed as being at death’s door and not expecting to make it through the night. Elder Thompson prayed for the family who had heavy hearts. After the prayer  they decided to attend the service, where they were renewed. Not only did the brother make it through the night. He was sent home. Our God is a miracle working God. December 31, 2012
  • One of Elder Thompson’s loved ones in Atlanta was seriously attacked and was hospitalized and placed into intensive care. The medical diagnosis was a major organ had completely shut down, which seem to be fatal. Elder Thompson was contacted and he prayed with the family. After running multiple test, ultra sound and body imaging scans. There was no evidence of anything  being wrong. Mean while the test were being ran. The patient continued to show signs of the healing power of God being manifested in his body. He was discharged from the hospital. The ministry learned on yesterday, the same individual was at home and taking down Christmas decoration. Our God continues to reveal himself as a healer. (January 7, 2013).
  • The Physician s confirmed that the Word of Wisdom  given to Elder Thompson as related to the gender of the baby. According to the Doctors they state they are 100% sure that the baby is a male child. Remember this is the baby that the Lord not only revealed his gender, but also confirmed the baby being a Prophet of God. To God be the Glory. (January 11, 2013
  • One additional person had made Jesus their personal Lord and Savior. (January 13, 2013).
  • As of today, January 13, 2013, Elder Thompson continues to receive calls, and prayer request from the Atlanta area. The people eagerly await to receive  Friday night prayer and personal prayer for  Godly counsel.

The Atlanta area is truly thankful to God and to Elder Thompson as they reap a harvest of the many blessings in the form of, “An Abundance of Rain,” from our God.