Be Prepared!!!!!!!

Hello all,

In June 2014 the Lord began telling me to spread the message to get prepared, this winter will be an unusual winter a type of cold that has yet to be experience. The Lord made it clear that we must gather all the necessary tools to make it through this time (water, blankets, alternative light and heating sorces etc.) The Lord showed me that there will be extreme and lengthy power outages across the coutry and we must be prepared. This will be a winter like this country has never been experienced with severe weather conditions. I am reaching out to the people of God to spread this message near and far to get ready and BE PREPARED!!!!!!!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you!!!

Elder Mark Thompson

WOC ministries


Back Online!!!!!!

Hello friends and family of the Word of Christ Ministries, we are pleased to let you all know that our blog is back up and running. We had to update our blog site and unfortunately lost all of our previous posts. We will be adding some current testimonies very soon and encourage you to continue to comment and interact with us through our blog. We also encourage you to visit our online sermons on youtube, the links are on our website to redirect you to some of the sermons. To view Elder Thompson’s other sermons type Mark H Thompson in the youtube search bar.

As always we thank you for your constant support,

God Bless from the Word of Christ Ministries!!!!!