God Will Make Away!!!

God Will Make Away!!!

One day I was talking to Pastor Mark, during our bible study, Pastor Mark told me that  my life was about to change, he also told me that I would receive some money. This was on a Friday, the next week on Tuesday I looked at my bank statement and money was deposit into my checking account. He  also called me and told me that the Lord told him that I was going to win my appeal for my  unemployment  benefits. On Thursday, the 9th of April I won my appeal and it was money in the bank.  I had not been paid for 6 weeks.

I would like to say that God uses Elder Thompson in extraordinary ways. If he give you a word from God expect it to come to pass.  He tells us that God still do miracle and I have seen God miracles at work through this man of God.  I thank God for using him, If you ever study with him your life will change in so many ways. He has away of making the bible come alive as he teaching you. You will not look at God word the same. You life will start to change as you listen and learn the word of God.

God has made away and I thank God for what he has done. Thank you Pastor Mark for teaching me how to see life different through the word of God.

Charmaine Curtis.

April 13, 2015