My God, My Healer and My Deliverer!!!!


I thank God for being a healer. last week May 5, 2015  I had back pain and it was running down to my thigh and legs I had trouble going to sleep. I kept tossing and turning all night. I asked Elder Thompson to pray for me. He annoited me and touched my back where the source of the problem started.  I thank God for using this mighty man of God to speak and deliver healing through the  Word of God. I know that God is a healer if we just believe. Elder Thompson teach us to believe in Christ our Savior.  All things are possible to those that believe.  This week I am at the park walking 2 miles a day. I thank God for using Elder Thompson to speak a word of healer and it manifested. Thank you Lord for sending your son Elder Thompson to speak life into your people, to heal, to deliver and to set the captive free. God you are awesome!!!

Charmaine Curtis


Prayer is Powerful!!!

Hi my name is Lorraine. Let me tell you that the power of prayer works. It worked for me. I have a lot of things going on in my life and I have been very stressful. On April 8, 2015,  I have not had a menstruation problem since 2009.  I started bleeding and I prayed for it to stop and it did not. On April 16, 2015 I called my brother in Christ, Elder Thompson, because I knew that he prayed all the time and I needed someone to touch and agree with me about this problem that I was having. He told me that it was going to slow down and it was going to be okay. It slow down but it did not stop and it was making me sick and weak.  So, I called him back again on April 20, 2015 and told him that I was still bleeding, He prayed again and asked me did I believe that God could heal me, I told him that I believed. He said if I believed,  it was going to stop and will not come back. That night it stop and I felt so good, because I trusted in the most high God. I also thank God for given Elder Mark the power to heal. He always tell me to trust and believe that there is nothing to hard for God.


Thanking God For a New Day!!!


My name is Sister Jones, on Tuesday morning April 14, 2015 while laying in the bed, thanking God for a new day, to God be the Glory. I noticed my right leg starting to swell.  When I was getting out of bed I could not stand up and I had to drag myself over to the chair. By that evening it had swell twice the size of my left leg. I prayed and asked God not to let my leg give out, and fall down, that would have been terrible. I called Elder Thompson, and explained to him what was going on. He reminded me of how God gave us power to lay hands on our body and pray for healing. He came over and anoited me. He prayed and asked God to touch me, my  legs, and shoulders and wherever I had pain. He asked me did I believe that I could be healed. Yes I said I beleved.  About 20 minutes later  I stood up on my leg enough to go to the chair. The pain was easing up and then it was gone.

April 15, 2015, thank you lord and I bless your Holy Name. I woke up feeling so much better then the day before. The swelling in my legs are going down, the pain is gone. I feel like I can go out and enjoy the lovely day the Lord has made. You are wonderful Lord. I was out all day and I made it home safely. I trust in the lord, so I am never afraid to go out in my chair alone. I know he is watching every corner I turn. hallelujah!!!

Sister Brenda Jones

April 15, 2015