Thank You For a Great Fellowship.

I received a donation from the  Grimes family out of the ordinary.  I was a little surprise, and as I listening for instruction from the Lord on what to do with the seed that was sown,  he told me to go to the Grimes home to preach and anoint their home. I had not seen Brother Lionel Grimes and his wife Marsha and their daughter Erika in 3 years, but we always prayed every Friday and this has been going on for 7 years. So with the offering I receive I rented a rental car and went to Reynoldsburg Ohio to the Grimes home and I preach Sunday September 27,  2015, before I left I anointed their home.  My daughter, Ciani and I was very grateful and thankful that we were able to fellowship and be blessed by  Brother Grimes and his family

We thank the Man and Woman of God and his family for a great fellowship.

Elder Mark Thompson.

God is Love!!!

Word of Christ Ministries along with our Pastor Mark Thompson, would like to thank Belinda Shaw from Warner Robins Georgia for the awesome word on  Love, Monday September 28, 2015. As she begin to talk about love, and how we should love our God and our neighbors, she brought evidence to show us what God said about love, Thank you, sister Belinda for your confirmation on love.

Thank you, From Word of Christ Ministries and our Pastor Mark Thompson.

Thank you Pastor Solis

Thank you, Pastor Solis and your wife Jackie of Living Faith Waters Ministries out of Rayville, Lousiana who came all the way to Philadelphiia Pa to deliver a word to Gods people. The word was enriching and powerful. We would just like to express our appreciation  for the sacrifice and his  true wholeheartness to the Lord of Host.

The Family of The Word of Christ Ministries, Thank you.

Pastor Tammy Ruffin Brings a Word of Encouragement.


The Word of Christ Ministries and Pastor Mark Thompson would like to thank Pastor Tammy Ruffin of New Beginninings Family Worship Center of Davinport, Iowa,  for bringing a word of encouragement to the people on July 19, 2015.  We thank God that she was obedient to the one and true living God. She did not hesitate when she was asked to come to Philadelphia to Preach the good news of Jesus. We thank you for your dedication and loyalty to God.

Thank you, From the Word of Christ Ministries.


Well, well, well!!!

I’m in awe with GOD’s love for me.  Who am I that HE, the ALMIGHTY, should reach down and touch me through the blood of HIS Son, my Savior, JESUS?  GOD knows me better than I know myself.  He warned me about and protecting  my heart from potential hurt from an ex-boyfriend.

Here’s a little background.  A few years ago,  I was so smitten with this gentleman who I thought was going to be my husband.  We had talked about marriage  and share it  with members of his family.  We started dating in November 2009.  Our relationship was going well until that proverbial bump in the road.  We broke up in March 2012, never getting married of course and I was very heart broken.  I was in communication with Elder Thompson after the relationship went completely south.  He kept me in his prayers, petitioning GOD to mend and heal my heart, and GOD did so. over the course of next few years.

On July 31, 2015, Prayer Friday, I called Elder Thompson and during the prayer he said “do not let that man rise up in your life.  He means you no good. He’s living on the streets and he will appear on your doorstep. Resist him in the name of the LORD!” Then, on August 21st during prayer, he spoke in tongues and gave me another warning to resist him because he’ll be here sooner then you think.  Elder Thompson told me to read Isaiah 26:3, Psalm 23:1, and Psalm 24:1. After reading the scriptures,  I was prepared for my ex to appear on my doorsteps.

On September 2, 2015, Guess who knocks on my door, asking for forgiveness for him hurting me and professing his love for me, the ex.   I smiled and thanked the LORD before opening the door and stepping onto the porch, as GOD had prepared me for such a time as Elder Thompson had prophesied. Before turning in for the night, I dropped to my knees thanking the ALMIGHTY for alerting and strengthening me for the ex’s appearance. Only the LORD GOD could have prepared me for such a battle.

I am humbled and blessed to be part of a church with a leader who loves, respects, and honors GOD. ALL OF THE GLORY AND HONOR GOES TO THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END!!!