Warning, Warning, Warning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 12:30 am, on October 30, 2015, Charmaine Curtis and Pastor Solis were in intercessory prayer with Elder Thompson as normally. As pastor Thompson was praying he  started speaking in tongue’s. He had never spoke like that before and as he went on, we knew that God was speaking to him. I grab my journal and Pastor Solis who in Iowa grab his notepad. We started to write down what we were hearing. Pastor Solis did not know that I was doing the same. We knew that what we heard should be recorded. We knew that a prophetic word was coming forth.

The Lord started speaking to Elder Thompson and he starting saying that it is going to be very cold this winter and even though it is cold the ocean will still rise and to get ready for a rough winter. The Lord said, that South East Asia will see calamity and that he was going to crack the ground in China and we will feel the ripple effect on the other side of the world. It will be a lot of devastation. Also that there will be raging storms across the southern part of the United states. God is tired of false Pastors and they will see the wrong that they have done, turning my house into a mockery. God said he will send confusion into the Kingdom of unrighteousness. They will perish by the droves, they will call upon me and I shall not hear them. God is going to send destruction along the Mediterranean sea. They will see the water but they will not be able to drink it.

He prayed for mercy for the souls that are about to perish and prayed that God will keep his people out of danger. He said that the people will feel God’s hand shake the earth. This is a storm of Epic proportion of what is about to happen in the world. Let us heed the warning and prepare for what is yet to come. Let us pray for one another as the time approaches.

In Jesus Name We Pray For The World.



This testimony is a long time over due. Where do I start this? Let me take you back to 2009, the day I met Pastor Mark Thompson. My mother in law kept trying to get me and my wife to go to the revival that Pastor Thompson was preaching at.  Know one knew that I did not want to go, not even my wife. We went just to please my mother in Law.  As I was sitting there listening to Pastor Thompson, the Lord prompt me to go up for prayer. When I came up for prayer Pastor mark told me that I did not want to come to church that night, he also told me that I would be financially blessed and  he  told me that I would become a Preacher. That’s what my mom always said before she passed away at the age of 35. I knew then that this truly was a man of God. I have always felt that God had a purpose for me. It’s been 5 years since that was spoken into my life by Pastor Mark and God has fulfilled his promise. I have been preaching Gods Word.

Now let’s go  to 2010, my wife and I drive an 18 wheeler truck and I was approaching a set of scales in California, having bypass service, the bypass did not go off. I asked the Lord to please let me be blind to their eyes, to pass the inspection if  I had to pull in or get in the passing lane. Well as approaching the scales at the last minute the scales said all trucks do not enter.  I then heard the Lord Jesus Christ ask me, “Do you trust me now?” I began to sob and said yes, Lord I trust you. An hour and a half later  we totaled out the semi truck.  With no fear and trusting my Father in Heaven, I knew that there was a reason for this. Oh, let me remind you, I asked God to break me and give me patience back in 2009. So, with all this happening I knew God was about to perform a good work in my life and answer a prayer that I had prayed. Yes, my wife was a little fearful, we had no money and had to pay for the tow truck, the hotel and had no way to get home to Lousiana. But God gave me peace about it all. He also gave me understanding on how to comfort my wife. With God in the mix of it all, he worked it all out.

Our Job gave us a loan for the tow truck, my mother in Law got a loan for the hotel and uhaul and our former Pastor Kenny and his wife came and pick us up in our pick up truck. God is and on time God. so don’t give up he is always the sun in the mist of every storm.

May God bless you, Pastor Solis

His Timing!!!


There are so many things to say about our Lord’s goodness. We were behind in our payments and our vehicle was repossessed and auction off.  Anticipating the balance that we would end up paying the bank. Owing $21,000, we prayed that God would make away and he did. We owed 21,600 and it was auctioned off for 22, 800. the bank sent us a check for 1,200 . Yes, you read that right, they paid us. That $ 1200 not only was a blessing in itself, but it was the amount we needed to pay on our house to keep it from foreclosure. Only GOD! At the same time  all this going on, my boss at my job  was not to enthused about us having Sundays off and we began to have conflict over it. We had agreed on this when I started the job. One day I was told that I would have to work over the weekend and of course God being number one in my life, I spoke my part, not cussing  or raising my voice, but I was going to take a stand. I wasn’t going to let a job or no one keep me from serving my Father in Christ Jesus. I spoke my part and we hung up the phone. While I was yet steaming and upset, ready to quit  my job, I called Pastor Mark for prayer. God told him to tell me to stay at the job. Well that all happen about 4- 6 month ago. Now God has delivered us from that job and blessed us with a better job. If I had went ahead and quit without consulting the Lord in prayer. God might not have blessed me and my wife like he did.

We were behind again with our house payments and we were trying to get caught up. We were about to face foreclosure again. Recently the bank sent us 5 statements, 3 of which were certified. It said that we needed $5000.00 by June 30, 2015 . We prayed over the 1st letter and left it in God’s hands. After a couple of weeks of receiving those letters, the bank sent us another letter stating that they were going to refinance our mortgage and our payments dropped by half. Our mortgage went from $1000.00 to $507.00  a month, the interest rate dropped from 7% to 4% and they dropped the late charges. How great is our God! In our lives and yours if you seek and serve him, he will show up and shell out on the behalf of his children . We have to consult our Father Jesus Christ in all we do, not just when things go wrong, but especially when things are going right, We are truly blessed and highly favored.

Pastor Michael Solis.


It Shall Come To Past.

How are you, my name is Billy Nolan. In 2010 I met Pastor Mark Thompson at a Revival in Rayville Louisiana. He prayed for me and  prophesy that I would get a white van.  It has been at least 5 years and this prophesy has came to pass. I have a white van sitting in my yard as of today. When a true prophet speak in your life, what he says will come true.   Thank you Elder Mark Thompson for the word that you spoke in my life at the Revival. I give all my Praise Honor and Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for using him.

Brother Billy Nolan.