God is Always on Time!!!!!!

I thank God for life and I glorify him because he is worthy to be praised. He heals, he blesses and he delivers. I have received all of these things from our Lord Jesus Christ. I have seem my family and my friends family go through so much. I pray for them and my church family pray for them as well. When my Pastor gives me a word it never fails to come to past. I don’t know the kind of relationship he has with the Lord, but God knows that he is a powerful Man of God. I thank God for him and his prayers. On November 10, 2015 my heater was fixed. He said, yes that is good but God was going to give you a new heater. I told him again, the heater was fixed. He said it again, watch and see, you are going to get a new heater. On November 11, 2015 the technician that fixed the heater called and said, that the agency is giving me a new heater maybe by Saturday. I have a new heater now and a new chimney. I praise God for speaking through our Pastor Mark Thompson. I thank God for his Word because he is the Word.

Ms. Brenda Jones.

My Testimony by Sheila Berry.

In times past Bro. Mark prophesied over me that the Lord would come to me in dreams and he has several time. I have been praying and fasting about something that I needed an answer to. On November 1, 2015 God put it in my spirit to call Bro Mark, so I did and as we was praying God gave me the confirmation to my dream that I had been praying about. I give God the praise and glory and I want to share my testimony. I had a dream I was traveling on this road and it was covered with water. In my dream my cousin was telling me to go back. I kept telling him no I am going on. When I got to the end of the road there was a beautiful shiny cross. I knew this dream meant something, so I prayed and fasted often about this dream. About a month a ago God showed me what the dream meant. He showed me it does not matter how many storms I go though, God is going to bring me though it, but I have to trust him to go forward. The devil is going try to bring me back. But if I hold on to Jesus, in the end I am going to have victory. Joel 2: 28 says, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. I thank the Lord for blessing all of his people.

Sister Sheila Berry