I Know What Prayer Can Do!

Praise the Lord ladies and Gentleman, Y’all let me tell you what My God has done this time!  Wensday afternoon 1/20/16, on my Noon-day prayer line, we were having a good time enjoying the presence of the all Mighty God when mid-way thrue Pastor Mark Thompson of Word of Christ Ministries decided to join us.  Now it wasn’t uncommon for him to join us, as he did often times in past, however this time as I was Led by the Spirit, God told me to ask Pastor Thompson to lead us in a special prayer of Healing for those strickened with an ailment. Now Pastor had No idea that I myself had previously had an issue where three years ago I under went surgery and the place that was cut, had not fully healed…. Yes, that’s right, I walked around with a open wound for three years and because of my out of control sugar I had not healed properly. Well I knew that God could and yes I had believed but this day I was determined to get my miracle.  Let me tell you something, When I asked everyone to believe God for their healing and to lay hands on that part of their body that needed healing, Pastor Thompson went to Praying like a mad man and before we got off that phone, not only was my side no longer hurting, but that hole….. SEALED UP AND I AM HEALED! “Greater things will you do in my Name” these are the words of the Lord. A Miracle had taked place, and God is not through! I know what prayer can do, and if He’s done it for me, He will definately do it for you too! Believe it and recieve it in Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus!!!

Praising God Sincerly

Pastor Tammy Ruffin

A Celebration of Life

On Saturday afternoon, 1/16/2016 I was  both priveledged and honored to speak at the home going memorial service for a dear friend and sister of the Word of Christ Ministries, Mother Lucy Collins. What an amazing turn-out for such an amazing woman, I thought to myself as a smile came across my heart. Surly God was going to get the Glory today!

And so we Celebrate the Sunrise, Sunset service of Mother Lucy Collins, born 1/4/1923, went home to be with Jesus 1/6/2016.

We celebrate a woman who loved Jesus, and His word all the way up to the day of her passing.  She would have me to come read the bible to her, and as I walked into her room, her face just lit up as she  listened to the Awesome  Word of God.  And so we celebrate not just her life here on earth,  but what better way to celebrate her life than to begin as she finished,  Loving God, Loving family, living  and learning all she could about the Lord Jesus Christ.

With Great honor on this day,  her life will not be forgotten because, on this day, 57 out of 60  Men, women and a whole lot of young people gave their life to the Lord. Now thats a Holy Ghost Party like none other…..

Thank you Jesus, for lending mother to us for 93 Glorious years, this is not goodbye but we’ll see you later mother collins.

Mark H. Thompson, Pastor

Word of Christ Ministries, Inc.



My Mighty Trio Speaks The Truth About Jesus!!!

Pastor Mike Solis, Pastor Tammy Ruffin and of course, my Pastor, Mark H. Thompson, are pastors who deliver a Mighty, “PUNCH!”, when they are preaching  the Word of God. They are focused on teaching and delivering  God’s Word.

I love them all very much and I am very grateful and blessed to have pastor’s in my life,  that are about Preaching, Teaching, and Practicing,  sound Doctrine by standing on the Word of God and teaching Truth about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What I love most about them, is that they aren’t afraid to speak truth. They aren’t trying to win, some popularity contest through feel good preaching but they are just about fulfilling this great commission that they were called to do and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I truly love and appreciate them! Their styles are different, but their convictions are the same. Each packing a DYNAMIC PUNCH, their goal is to Win souls to Christ and to help saints stay the course in this Christian Journey. I’m not a Superhero type of woman, but these three pastors are my Superhero!!!!!

With Love & Blessings

Sis. Adrienne



A Fervent Prayer

As a man of Faith, who has a calling in my life for Intercessory prayer I find myself praying non-stop, for everyone all over the world. 1 Thess. 5:17 charges us to, “Pray without ceasing” and it has been my  assignment  to do just that.  It has left very little room for any personal request, on my part,  as it is of great importance to reach Heaven on behave of  a dying World.  To pray for the hopeless, and the helpless alike.  It is that if I do nothing else, my main purpose is to get souls into the Kingdom of God. I was blessed with Two beautiful daughters, 29 and 14 who were raised to believe and rely on God for Everything!  On Saturday 1/2/16  my eldest daughter called me asking for advice as to what to do concerning her car.  Her starter had just gone out, and it would cost quite a bit of money to repair.  She really didn’t have the finances available for a job like this. The Lord spoke to me telling me to go to my daughters home and annoint and pray for her, her daughter, and my fourteen year old as well as myself, It was now Teusday 1/5/16.  After obeying and praying, the Lord assured  me, that God would bless her, so  I relayed that message to her. My daughter proceeded to the dealership to pick out her new car but soon found out that she had no one willing to help her financially to get this car. Her finances were low and her credit had shipwrecked!  After looking at a few high ended cars and realizing that because of some previous bad decisions, she asked me, dad, what should I do?  God was already on the case and a miracle was about to take place! God was still in control and so I prayed for my child, a personal request this time. I prayed that God would meet her need and superceed what any man would do or say. I asked for the favor of God,  pleading for favor for her in this situation.
On Monday 1/11/16,  I recieved a call from my daughter, asking me to pick up my grandaughter from school.  This was prayer monday and I was expected to be conducting bible study and prayer that evening, but God had already made the neccessary arrangements before I recieved my daughters call. I went on and picked up the cheeseburger (My grandbaby) from school and by the time I got home, and joined the prayer line, my daughter’s miracle had come. She asked  us to join her out side, when we agreed, and followed her outside, she extended her arm outward and with a single press of a button, she had been blessed with a brand new 2015 Crystler 200. God is the can do God!

James 5:16  says, “The effectual frevent prayer of the righteous man, availeth much “. God is the Can Do God, who can do all things but fail! Thank You God for blessing me and my children!

Mark H. Thompson, Pastor

Word of Christ Ministries

Prophetic Forecast 2015

Prophetic Forecast 2015 12/27/2015
Pastor Mark H. Thompson 10:37 A.M.

Windy and Cold – Liquid Winter !

There is a storm headed to the North East Section of America. Winds exceeding over 200 mph. There will be cold coming from the Northern part of the country directed to the United States, cascading like a gigantic cloud over the American plains, and will stall (stand still) there. because of these events, the government will declare a state of emergency and consider it a National Disaster over America.

Because of the cold temperatures, it has been advised that under these conditions, no one is to go outside, as if exposed to direct skin it could cause harsh circumstances such as frost bite, even death. It is also highly advised to gather up an emergency kit right away.

This would include Bottled Water, Food, extra blankets, can goods and perishables, powered milk for children. Extra batteries for your radio. You will need extra power packs for cell phones, as there is expected to be power outages. Also get an Liable heating source and plenty of socks and toiletries. Hand sanitizer, and first aid kit are all the basic need reqired for this next state of events.

Now is the time to reach for the garment of Jesus Christ and HOLD ON !!!!

Mid-West Prophesy Revealed !!!!!!!

On Saturday morning, January 2, 2016 at 7:37 A.M., I recieved a phone call from Pastor Mark Thompson of the Word of Christ Ministries located in Philadelphia, PA informing me that God IS SPEAKING ONCE AGAIN TO THE NATION. He said that God gave a Word of prophesy, of devastation, to Warn the people. As he spoke prophetically God told him that there was going to be terrorist attacks headed to the Mid-West. I remember thinking to myself, where? I mean, that could’ve been anywhere. There are at least 10 cities in the Mid-west area, but Pastor Thompson continued in speaking by first addressing the very things I’d been thinking without me verbalizing anything. He said that these attacks would start in Iowa, the very state that resided everything and everyone that I’d loved and held so dear. (My God!) He said that God had to get the people’s attention. That they weren’t taking Him seriously and He’s (God) been sending warning after warning. The flood in Missouri reaching 16ft and counting, losing more than a dozen lives. ISIS attacks in Paris, France killing women and children along with the attack in California, killings throughout the country, targeting schools and shopping centers as well as tourist centers. Tornado’s taking out whole cities in the south, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina.

Gasoline and Diesel fuel prices will soar higher than ever before, reaching record levels in the year 2016. Weather will be all mixed-up, snowing in places like California and heavy rain fall at a catastrophical level. there will be storms that would make, “Sandy” look like a san box in the North East part of America. The Holy Spirit told Pastor Thompson, that this terrorist attact would begin in Iowa. That I had heard it first hand and that this attack would take out the lives of many, that they will target places like movie theaters and large grocery stores. That their objective was to get the larger communities rather than to individualize one at a time. God wants us to wake up and see the signs that are before us and know that He is coming back soon, and that the end is near,

It has been my experience that these kinds of Words of Warning is given, it is essentiel that we PAY ATTENTION! Pastor Thompson had spoken prophetic words of warnings before and they have always come to pass. And so to all that read this message, take heed and PRAY like never before. FAST like never before, STUDY God’s Word, like never before. For in a time of devastation and destruction this will be your covering, safety in God’s presence under the shadow of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Draw close to Him and let it be your shelter in the time of storm. Warn your family’s that He is soon to come and get your house in order. I would encourage you to prepare for this in the Spirit folks, this is the warning for the American people starting in the Mid-west.
Pastor Tammy Ruffin