Victory in the Name of Jesus

Giving honor to our heavenly Father the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so very grateful to God for His Holy Spirit continually leading and guiding me into all truth and righteousness. I am thankful and grateful to be sitting under a leadership that teaches sound Doctrine and exemplifys true love for God’s people. We have been blessed with Pastor Mark Thompson of the Word of Christ Ministries, a true Prophet of God.  Some months ago, in fact it was July of 2015 when my nephew Jeremiah Homer, a Honor student, carrying a 4.0 GPA got involved in a situation that he found himself in what could possibley be a life changing event for his future, and that’s not a change for the better. Being a young gullable young man he was excited to land such an oppurtunity. He  was hired with a company that would allow him to make quite abit of money. He was asked to cash checks for the business and with each transaction he would earn a large sum of money.Needless to say, the banks caught this hoaxed business and Jeremiah was the only one caught on tape and  well  now, Jeremiah was now facing 2 years prison time, $26,000 restitution and 13 years probation. The judge made the statement that he would be made as a example to all who would commit this kind of crime.  Now Jeremiah had never been in trouble before, he had no priors on his record and when he explained that he was only an employeed by the company, the judge did not take these things under consideration she just wanted to throw the book at him. When I phoned Pastor Thompson and informed him of what had happened, I asked him to please pray for my nephew.  The Lord spoke to Pastor and he prophesied that not only will they let my nephew go but that he would never serve any prison time, not one day! He said that God said, that Jeremiah would be alright. I’m sent here to tell you that my nephew, Jeremiah Homer is back in school, fulltime, he has never served any prison time, not one day, a Miracle in and of itself, Hallelujah! By December 2015 Jeremiah was released.  An example was definately  made alright in the life of Jeremiah, the example that was made was that God is in complete control, He is the only Judge,and Jury and His word is final. To God be the Glory! Thank you Prophet Thompson for your obedience and thank you heavenly Father for giving us, favor and Victory in the Name of Jesus.

God Humble Servant

Evangelist Balinda Shaw