You Deserve All The Glory

Last year 2015 was one of the most challenging year’s for me because it was a time of great blessings and of great losses. My youngest daughter and her husband were United in marriage and was expecting their first child. everything was going wonderfully and all was  well when at 20 weeks,  her body began to go into pre-term labor and shortly there after we were mourning the loss of our baby boy (David Eli).  Wow, what a time that was, I mean to counsel others about life and death, somehow wasn’t as easy to do when it came to yourself. I called Pastor Thompson and shared what had happened, and he told me that although this is hurtful, remember God is still in control and that He knows what’s best. I heard the words but my heart was far from it.   We grieved and embraced one another through this time but my heart still was heavy.  It wasn’t but a few days later when I recieved a call from Pastor Thompson telling me that God had told him that my daughter and her husband will concieve again and that the blessing would be doubled, that she would be having twin boys.  I thought to myself, I can’t say that to them, not now. But he assured me that they would be having twins boys in the near future.  Get ready because it wont be long. Well,  estatic at what I heard, and inspite of my own reservations I went on and told my daughter the message from Pastor Thompson. She didn’t believe it, or did she?

You see she went on and said, “I don’t know about that mom” Now this is the same child that was told three years prior, by Eld. Thompson, that she would not only be married in a short time but she’d be married to her best friend and she was instructed not to hurt him. That man is currently my son in law today, so even though she tried to block out the Prophetic word given to her, she started picking out twin boys names in advance, without being pregnant at that time.  Time went on, month after month, Negative test results everytime.  Hoo-ray a miracle she  finally had gotten pregnant, she would be informed by the time she got to her first appointment that she was pregnant,  WITH TWINS!  God, You deserve the Glory, and the honor, I lift my hands in Worship and I bless your Holy Name for You are an Awesome God.   For You are Great, You do miracles so Great. There is No one else like you, No One Like You.

Thank you Pastor Thompson for your obeidence to the call of True Prophet, and Thank you Word of Christ Ministries for allowing me to share of the wonderous works of God here on the Blog And Thank you Jesus, for all that you do and all that you are. You truly deserve the Glory!

In Christ Jesus, your humbled servant

Tammy D. Ruffin, Pastor

New Beginnings Family Worship Center