Be Still and Know That I am God


Psalm 42:10

Change has come and now is the time to move forward, you are walking in the blessing of the Lord.  Well you might be asking; where are the blessings, I can’t see it… This is happening because you are not allowing yourself to behold the blessings.  You are looking with your eyes, the eyes of flesh, looking through all pain, all the rejection, your financial issues, how many friends you have or don’t have; you can’t see beyond the tears, the broken relationships, strain from a job or from parents, the loss of loved ones, you just can’t seem to find any peace. You need to start walking by faith, to rise above your situation put your faith in the Lord. You need to know you are more than a conqueror, you can not be defeated, you serve the God of impossibility; if your heart is broken, take it to Jesus because he knows exactly what to do.  Look at yourself in this day and know you are a weapon of mass destruction, we serve the Lord God, the can do God. Blessings to you! This is your day.  You’re coming out of a state of depression.  Lift up your hands in victory!

So be still. Be patient and know that Jesus is Lord.  Your days will be better for it.

From the Word of Christ Ministries. We love you all and God bless you all.


Everyday’s Mom’s Day

Once a year our nation dedicates a day to Mothers and rightfully so, but this is not nearly enough. Everyday is fit to show Mom appreciation because of the unconditional and everlasting motherly love bestowed on us by our Mothers.  Yes, this Mothers day 2016 is a  special day, no doubt, but we challenge you to make every day a day to glorify and appreciate your mother for her love and sacrifice.  To all the mothers around the world, have a wonderful mothers day.  From this day forward, from the Word of Christ ministries, God Bless you all.