I Believe In Jesus

My name is Jose Candelario, I am a member of the Word of Christ Ministries.  Elder Thompson came to my house on 6/24/16 and I was in bed, it was about four in the afternoon.  Elder Thompson said to me, “Mr. Jose, I came to annoint you and pray for you, and I also brought you something.”  I have been going through some serious issues with my health for the past two months; I have not been able to eat, I have had no appetite and I was very ill.  I ran back and forth to the doctor and it was not helping me because they could not tell me what was wrong. I prayed to the Lord, and cried out to Jesus, I lost a lot of weight and I was absolutely hungry and miserable, and then I started having chest pains.  I went to my heart doctor and they couldn’t tell me, and I was about to give up hope when Elder Thompson showed up at my bed side. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t swallow and I had no energy.  Elder Thompson said to me, “Mr. Jose from this day forward you will start eating like a race horse, in the name of Jesus,” and he annointed my head.  About a half an hour later, I got up out of bed and came downstairs and Brenda says to me, “Where are you going? What happened?”  I told her how the pastor annointed me and prayed over me. I told her how he gave me a donut that was so good that it tasted like he gave me a steak.  I believed before and I believe now, and I thank the Lord for his grace and mercy. This is my testimony of faith and the power of healing through God. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ and Elder Mark Thompson for praying over me and helping to heal me so I can eat again and enjoy food. God is good.

Happy Fathers Day To All The True Fathers!!

I thank God for my Father, there’s not many men like him. He’ s touph and original. From birth to the age of 7 it was just Me, My sister, My dad, And my Mom. We would travel to different places together, such as: Mississippi and Louisiana, and many other places down south. My Mom was a sweet heart, and she knew how to work with my dads temper. She was the best, it wasn’t until August,6,2009 when it was just me and my dad. I always thought he was mean all my life, and it wasn’t until after my mom went to live with Jesus that I got a little more of my dad than I bargained for. As the years went on i felt as if my dad was getting meaner and meaner, he soon had me washing dishes, and sweeping floors, and taking out trash. And I just couldn’t understand why I had to do all that, Nor did i understand his spicy temper and demeanor. If i didn’t do something right he’d be right on me in an instant. And i didn’t understand it until June,17,2016 my 8th grade graduation day. When all the times he yelled at me for something came into mind as they called me up for different awards. At the end of it all i cried hugging the friends that i basically grew up with. And when i got outside to my dad who was awaiting my arrival all i could do was hug him, crying tears of joy. I love my dad which is why he deserves the best fathers day. My dad has dedicated his life first to serving and pleasing God, and second to me, he has always been there, and he did without that i may have. Theres not many men like my dad, If you have a true dad, Appreciate him. Thank You Jesus for my dad, Who is the Pastor of the Word Of Christ Ministries. He has always wanted me to be the best and achieve all that i can and now i can see that. And under his pit bull like temper is a true butterfly.

To The Miracle Worker, Jesus Christ, The Lord

My name is Vivian Irving, I am the mother of the Word of Christ Ministries. Around 3 years ago, I called my son, whom is the pastor of the Word of Christ Ministries, I told him that I was in the hospital and he came to visit me that night at the hospital.  I was undergoing a series of tests and screens to find out what was wrong with me, because I was hemorrhaging from the rectum.  I was afraid because it seemed like it would never stop and my condition was getting worse and worse. When my son came I was undergoing the testing and I was unable to see him because he had to leave, but he came back to see me the next day which happened to be a Sunday morning.   When I saw my son, he said, “Mother, I am going to pray for you.”  My son, Pastor Mark said, “Mother from this time forward, this bleeding will stop and you will not bleed again. Mother, God told me to tell you that you will be going home.” On Tuesday morning, I called my son and told him that I am on my way home. To this day the doctors cannot tell me what was causing the bleeding, but I have proof of the discharge papers from the hospital that the bleeding has stopped.  On June 6, 2016, I informed my son that I have to go to the hospital because recent testing revealed that I had internal bleeding from the intestines. I did not want to tell him that it had been going on for several weeks because he was dealing with his own issues with his eyes and other things. I did not want him to worry for me.  I told him and he said to me, “Mother, they are going to keep you overnight and they are going to send you home tomorrow.”  He was right. I called my son and told him that I was on my way home, they didn’t find anything wrong, Jesus surely healed me. Jesus, I love you so much and thank you.


Mother Irving of the Word of Christ Ministries.

The Lord’s Renewal

God has put his seal of approval on us.  We cannot sell out just to be seen of man. Let God’s will be done in your life, you are SOMEBODY in Jesus Christ. Don’t let them have the rule over you, or over YOUR destiny. They will try to take control using mind manipulation, psychological warfare, to control you and move you away from God’s plans for your life. It is HE, the one, that has placed his seal of approval upon your life. God has chosen you to be a leader of men, not a follower. Matthews 4:19, We must learn how to listen to the voice of GOD, and not hearing. The Bible says, in the latter days there shall be a rise of false prophets and false Christs, Matthew 24:24. You are more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ. I come to tell you today, stand STRONG in the LORD, he has made you a weapon of mass destruction for his purpose and his plan. Praise Jesus, we thank GOD for you.  Here, at the Word of Christ Ministries, we love you.

Pastor Elder Thompson.