God is a very pleasant help in a time of trouble

  My name is Evangelist Carroway. I would like to tell you of the goodness of the lord. On June 25th 2016 I developed an ear infection, I went to my doctor for medication and i thought that was it. The next morning I opened my eyes and the room was spinning around, I was petrified. I called my daughter and I told her what was going on, she said “Mom lets go to the hospital”, When I got out of my bed I discovered I could barely walk. Fear started to set in and as did panic. My daughter drove me to the emergency room and the doctor said because of the ear infection it threw my equilibrium off balance and now I’m walking with a cane. I can’t drive and I need to be assisted around the house. Also the doctor told me to lay in bed with my feet elevated, When my eyes were open the room would just spin. I cried and cried out to Jesus, Surely it was the lord who calmed me down. On July,7, 2016 I called Elder Thompson and he came to my house and he annointed me and prayed over me. When he was done he said “Do you believe that you are healed in the name of the lord jesus christ”? I said, “Yes”. He said “You will experience a sharp pain, That’s how you will know that healing has taken place”. And exactly what he said happened later on in that day. I was totally healed in the name of Jesus. I wanna thank the Lord for my healing and I would like to thank Elder Thompson for his faithfullness to the Lord and his obedience. For those who do not know him he is the real deal! I’m back at work and doing well, God bless you and thankyou.