My Testimony by Elder Thompson

I wish this experience upon no one. God is the can do God, I have learned from this experience to trust him even more than ever. Because in Jesus Christ there is no failure.  This situation was more difficult and challenging than anyone can ever imagine, this psychological entrappment and emotional trauma was difficult but the Lord was there to comfort me. He knew what I was going through, this is definitely spiritual warfare at it’s finest,  an attack straight from the enemy himself.  As I was leaving the kitchen on May 18, 2016 all of a sudden I went cross-eyed. At first I didnt panic because things happen and I have learned to deal with the challenges of life.  The challenge started when I realized that is wasn’t going anywhere, everything I was seeing came in triples and doubles so I had to act, and find out if there were any serious issues with my eyes. I went to my family doctor and she checked my weight, blood pressure, basically gave me a thorough physical and they could not find anything wrong. She sent me to the eye doctor and they told me the same thing, they could not find anything wrong with me or my eyes and there was nothing they could do at this time.  They told me to go home and give it some time, nothing was wrong that they could see so they sent me home.  When I went home, you can’t imagine the things I had to deal with, the spiritual warfare and dealing with the attacks of the enemy.  Causing me to feel isolated and alone. When nothing changed and my eyes hadn’t improved, they had me take an MRI to check and see if I had a stroke or any abnormal brain activity and again they found nothing. This is when I started to be terrified because there were no answers and that’s when I found myself in deep psycological and spiritual warfare within myself. The enemy wasnt making things easy, robbing me of my inner peace and well being, tormenting me day in and day out but especially at night with a special type of spiritual and psychological warfare. I cried out to the Lord and he sent me scriptures so that I would be able to sleep, all the while, the enemy is placing in my mind that I was entrapped within myself. The enemy had convined me that I was locked in my own body and I couldnt escape, it was terrifying. I found myself calling to the Lord, going to him with the trauma that I was experiencing. Through all of this I continued to preach the gospel at the word of christ, preached on periscope, continued bible study,  and worshipped and praised the lord. I kept up with intecessory prayer and prayed religiously. What is so awesome about God is, eventhough I was cross-eyed I could still put the Bible close to my face and read the gospel. Jesus Christ is awesome!!! I was not supposed to drive, but I drove to Bible study. At times I was so disoriented because of the condition of my eyes that I felt waves of sickness but the Lord kept me by sending me comforting words through scripture, and he sent them from across the country to encourage me, and that kept me strong, and kept me moving. I never lost hope in the Lord, even in this extreme stress and not knowing if I would ever have proper vision again. I kept strong in the Lord. On 6/18/16 my eyes started improving significantly. I was walking around with both eyes open, I was on the road to recovery.  And on 7/29/16 my vision was fully restored.  Throughout this horrible experience I learned how to depend and rely on Jesus, my redeemer. I learned how to thank the Lord in all things. Let us remember that Jesus Christ, is Lord, and God I thank you for being there for me. I am back in action and with fully functioning eyes and a renewing of my faith, strengthened even more so in the Lord.

God bless you all,

Elder Thompson of the Word of Christ Ministries.

Let us pray for the nations of the world!!!!!!

I Ciani am writing to the children of God to begin to set your mind on the Lord, to let you know the only means of survival is Jesus Christ!! I witnessed many prophetic words given over the years by my father that have come to pass and would like to tell you about the most recent. Starting August, 12th 2016 the state of Louisiana and surrounding areas suffered rain of biblical proportion resulting in contaminated drinking water and overwhelming heat; in some places the water as reached heights of 15 feet. Many lives have been lost, and catastrophic damage has been done to homes and property.  12,000 people have been displaced causing  President Obama to declare a national disaster. Even though the water has begun to recede let us all begin to pray more than ever and ask that the lord of host have mercy on us all, especially the people affected by this disaster.

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