God’s Continued Grace and Mercy

In April of 2016 things started going bad for me.  I had to battle with issues with my wheelchair and with my property.  These situations both took a toll on me mentally and physically but God pulled me through. Pastor Mark gave me prophesy and brought me word from the Lord and everything he said came to pass. First, my wheelchair broke and it seemed like the doctor’s wheelchair company couldn’t get everything together.  My Pastor told me to trust in God and everything would be just fine.  It was a constant struggle, I had my wheelchair for 10 years and I was concerned because I can’t get around like I would like without it.  Pastor was there for me to give me confidence in the Lord and to keep the faith. He told me that the Lord will take care of it and I would be blessed with a brand new wheelchair.  I’m so thankful I found out on September 20th my insurance was approved for my new chair just as the Pastor prophecied.  I’m grateful because I waited and trusted God to bless just as Pastor Thompson told me to do, and it came to pass.

On top of all that the city gave me a citation about the water sewer pipes needing to be replaced in the street. I was told my water would be cut off if I didn’t replace them. They actually sent out 3 notices over three months time to tell me my water will be cut off, they even sent a crew to the house but they never did it. I thank God for the word of prophecy that Pastor Thompson gave me. It put my heart at ease because I was extremely upset and disheartened about the situation because not only was it an aggravation, it was taking a long time, but it was going to be a major expense. He told me my pipes would be fixed and I wouldn’t have to pay a dime.  Thank God that the prophesy came to pass and it took about 3 months for the situation to resolve.  My pipes and sidewalk are all done which cost $4,500 to fix, but thanks to the grace and mercy of God, and the prophesy from the Pastor and faith, we have victory in the Lord and just like the Pastor said it didn’t cost me anything.

Blessings to All,

Sister Brenda

A Still Small Voice

Most recently on September 24, 2016 I supported my brother who road 75 miles on a bike in the MS City to Shore fundraiser for multiple sclerosis research.  Unbeknownst to me, my wallet had fallen out of my purse.  I discovered it was missing when I went to pay for lunch while with my sister-in-law, of course, my immediate response to myself was all negative, extrapolating the situation to the nth degree of all the things that were in my wallet and all what I had to do immediately.  Of course, I started running through my mind of all what I had to do in canceling credit cards, getting a new driver’s license, AAA card, medical cards, losing a precious picture of my mother, etc. while ignoring the still small voice of the Holy Spirit telling me “I’m with you.”  We finished lunch in a rush and I walked urgently to the car hoping my wallet was on the floor in front of the seat I was sitting.  I peeped in the car prior to opening the door and it wasn’t there upon sight, again a still small voice said “I’m with you.”  Again, immediately panic struck my heart and I started to rehearse in my mind all that I had to do and all the valuable things that I lost and not listening to the Holy Ghost.  Upon opening the door, the Spirit said “under the seat.”  I saw it and immediately collasped on the seat of the car while clasping the wallet and began to thank God and cry because of my unbelief but GOD still blessed me in my unbelief!!! What a MIGHTY FATHER we serve!  TRUST IN THE LORD IN ALL THINGS!

With love and all blessings in CHRIST JESUS,

Sister Adrienne Woodruff

Trust In THE LORD for All Things

On September 20, 2016 one of the three prophesies that was given to me on May 1, 2015 by Pastor Mark Thompson manifested itself.  Pastor told me when I asked him whether or not I should go to my boss for a pay raise and title change he said that my boss would say it would be his good pleasure and he would be happy to grant me my request.  I was very surprised by this but the LORD blessed me with my boss’ spirit being amenable to me regarding a title change and a raise.  I was very apprehensive to go in and talk to him about a title  change and salary increase because he has had a very confrontational attitude especially toward me and I don’t know if it’s because I’m a female or because I’m a black or both but the boss said “I deserved it.”  He asked me what I think my title should be and before I could speak, he said it should be Director of Finance.  Then, he asked me what salary I was looking for and I told him and he agreed to it with no problem.  He asked me what I currently made and I misspoke and said I made less than I actually did.  He calculated the percentage increase based on the incorrect salary level I had given him and when I told him my correct salary, he said fine but he still kept the same percentage increase based on the incorrect salary level which did not bring my salary level up to what I had requested and what he had agreed upon.

I walked away feeling robbed and defeated because I thought he actually valued and respected me as a valuable employee and not a black female—BUT GOD!  I didn’t say anything to him at that moment about the salary level he had agreed upon prior to my misstatement.  I was upset and very disappointed.  I called Pastor Thompson who said to me to go back to him the next day about the miscommunication between the two of us the day before.  He said that my boss doesnt know it but the LORD will tell my boss over night to honor the original salary request and that it would be my boss’ pleasure to give it to me.  The Pastor told me to go back to him the next day and that my boss will give me what I asked for.  Of course, I doubted what the Pastor had said because of my past run ins with my boss and some of the things my boss has done and said, not just to me, but to others as well who did evidently quit and leave the organization.

The next day my heart was beating out my chest because I had to go back to him about him honoring the intitial amount he had agreed upon and me knowing how his attitude could be but this is before me strengthening my walk in THE LORD.  I heard a still small voice saying to me, “fear no one but GOD!”  With that, I marched into his office and asked if we could revisit my salary increase, and he said quite nicely, “sure.”  I opened up with the amount he had originally agreed upon and that should be my salary.  He agreed and said process the paperwork and he’ll sign it and send it forward for further processing.  I sat there looking at him as if I didn’t quite understand what was happening.  I fretted and worried for nothing because his attitude was just as the Prophetic Pastor Thompson said it would be “delightful.”

All I say is trust in the LORD in all things, wait on HIM and be of good courage and HE shall strengthen thy heart.  GOD honors those who diligently seek HIM!!!

With love and blessing in CHRIST JESUS,

Adrienne Woodruff