Happy Holiday’s A New Year Has Arrived

Happy Holiday’s and a Happy New Year from us here at the Word of Christ Ministries. Look forward to a year full of blessings and the compassion of God. This is a year full of change but we must stay the course and in the will of God.  All things are possible to those that believe and walk in faith.  The scripture of the year is Matthew 6:33, follow that and have a blessed year, stay tuned for future messages and updates for the Word of Christ ministries. Be happy, walk in peace for the Lord is with you.

Elder Thompson and Brother Vaughn of WoC Ministries

War in the White House

A new year has come with a new president, in the Bible it tells us in the Book of Daniel that God puts up kings and taketh down Kings. God put the new president in place for his purposes.  This new president will bring confusion, unrest, and chaos. Hold on, God has a plan and God’s will will be done. Fortunately, this storm will only last for a season until he places the next president in place.

Courtesy of Elder of Thompson of The Word of Christ Ministries.

May God’s Blessings be to all.

Testimony for the Life of Jose Candelario

God had changed Jose from the time he started to attend Word of Christ ministries with me and during this time he got close to the Lord.  Before Jose started coming into the ministry he didn’t have the faith to go to church.  In fact he hadn’t been in church or hearing the word of God for 20 years or more.  During his time in the ministry we all could see a change occuring in him gradually.  Through many trials, Jose was in a nursing home recovering from yet another illness when Elder Thompson went to him, prayed for him and asked him would he like to give his life to the Lord, and he said yes.  Jose chose to be saved and continued on coming to church and praising God.   Before the time of his death he was giving God praise and I feel like I played a great part in his life.  He was tired and God knew this.   On October 29, 2016 I called the Pastor and had him come over to the house because Jose had not come down for breakfast.  When the Pastor came to the house to check on him, he found him laying peacefully in his bed.  He had passed on.  His home-going service was on November 9, 2016 where we celebrated his life as a family and church community.  Thank God for saving his soul. I know his faith and trust in God that it was sincere; I believe he’s reigning in heaven with God and the heavenly angels. May he rest in peace, he will surely be missed.

Blessings to all,

Sister Brenda of the Word of Christ Ministries

Testimonial of a Sister of God in Jesus Christ

Back in 2009, I met Pastor Mark Thompson when he came to Louisana to preach a five day revival.  Afterwards, sometime later, he called with a message from the Lord because I had to put my house up for sale.  God told him to tell me that my house would sell and the buyer would be from Texas and buy the contents of the house as well.  Well I sold my house this week. The buyer is from Texas and brought most of the contents of the house.  I lost my husband in 2007, I was in dyer straights for 9 years.  Today I am debt free.  I thank God for using Pastor Mark Thompson to relay this awesome word from God to me.  It has given me the strength to endure all I have suffered through.  Praise the Lord, my Savior, my Friend, My Lord,


A Sister in Christ