Start Living

To the children of God this message is not for everyone.  This message is for those who’ve been carrying out the Will of the LORD.  Not following man’s will, not seeking their own desires and their own pleasures, not putting their needs first but the needs of God’s people, who are not running to please man but God.  Those who have not abandon the cross of Jesus but standing in the race.  It is celebration time, the year of jubliee.  This year  is your year!  Some of you have just been existing and not living.  Stop child of God existing, and start now to live in Jesus’ name.  Your blessings are all year long for those who have been faithful unto Christ.  Matthew 6:33 says seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Elder Thompson

Word of Christ Ministries

God’s Sending A Message


In Hattesburg, Mississippi tornado’s have touched down, taking roofs off of buildings with a massive loss of property.  There has been flooding in California and Texas.  Extreme cold weather in the northwestern part of the country, power lines are down. There are 40 million people in the path of the storm on this day which is 1/22/17, there’s a nore-easter on it’s way to the northeast section of the country. There was a prophecy given 2015 and 2016 about such devastation and it is here. Liquid rain, freezing tempatures, and of floods, God has sent us a warning again.

Elder Thompson   1/22/17

On July 5, 2015 Pastor Thompson prophesied to the body of Christ, during a Revival Service held at the church I was attending.  He sent forth Warning to the people to prepare ourselves for a Storm like non-other and said it would begin right here in Louisiana.

Many prophetic words were given, prior and were posted  on the Word of Christ web sight, but few listened or took it seriously.  “WARNING, WARNING, WARNING! 10/30/2015,”Midwest Prophesy” 1/7/2016, and  “Prophetic Forcast/ the Liquid Winter” 1/8/2016 just to name a few.  All telling of the soon coming storm but No one listening to the forcast, no one taking heed to the warnings and now, we are here, right in the middle of the storm.

Did you Stock up on Water, because I hate to be the barer of bad news, the water is not fit for human consumption, it’s contaminated. Did you buy plenty of food, because the stores are not stocked up, not enough food to go around.  This havoc hit Rayville, Monroe, and all the connecting cities here in the Louisiana.  Also included in this storm were,  Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.  In fact it has hit record levels of rain fall, the Biggest thread in Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee Valley.

Alert! Get Ready was posted on 1/24/2016 and on 3/2016 came the storms of Epic proportion of what was prophesied that would happen across the world and in the southern parts of the country.

Over and Over the word of warning has been announced. The Man Servant Pastor Thompson has stood firmly on the words given to him by the Father, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  to Warn the people. You now know that when a word of this magnitude is brought forth, to listen and take heed. God is about to put us into a catastrophic storm but know that He, (God) is with us. That Sunday Morning I heard the word, I took heed to the warning, what will you do? It’s just the Beiginning, what will you do?

Michael Solis, Pastor

Faith Living Waters Ministries