The Chief Surgeon of Heaven!!!! JESUS!!!

Hello WOC ministries, my name is Ms. Sales. My testamony is about my 5 year old cousin. He was having continuous seizures that became a threat to his health, so the doctor decided that brain surgery would be the best treatment. My family and I immediately began to pray, and called on Elder Thompson to join us in prayer becsuse he is a known prayer warrior. Feb. 11th 2017 Elder Thompson came to pray for my cousin and annointed him with oil. Elder Thompson, hearing from the Lord, prophecied that my cousin would not only be ok but would no longer have seizure and would have a speedy recovery. My cousin had surgery and is doing great. He came home on Feb 22nd, 2017 and you can hardly tell he had surgery at all. I thank God and Elder Thompson for his prayers and the word of comfort he delivered from the Lord. My cousin is a prime example that God is still performing Miracles!!!!!!!

Blessings to the WOC Ministries ,

Ms. Sales