The Lord’s Renewal

God has put his seal of approval on us.  We cannot sell out just to be seen of man. Let God’s will be done in your life, you are SOMEBODY in Jesus Christ. Don’t let them have the rule over you, or over YOUR destiny. They will try to take control using mind manipulation, psychological warfare, to control you and move you away from God’s plans for your life. It is HE, the one, that has placed his seal of approval upon your life. God has chosen you to be a leader of men, not a follower. Matthews 4:19, We must learn how to listen to the voice of GOD, and not hearing. The Bible says, in the latter days there shall be a rise of false prophets and false Christs, Matthew 24:24. You are more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ. I come to tell you today, stand STRONG in the LORD, he has made you a weapon of mass destruction for his purpose and his plan. Praise Jesus, we thank GOD for you.  Here, at the Word of Christ Ministries, we love you.

Pastor Elder Thompson.

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