To The Miracle Worker, Jesus Christ, The Lord

My name is Vivian Irving, I am the mother of the Word of Christ Ministries. Around 3 years ago, I called my son, whom is the pastor of the Word of Christ Ministries, I told him that I was in the hospital and he came to visit me that night at the hospital.  I was undergoing a series of tests and screens to find out what was wrong with me, because I was hemorrhaging from the rectum.  I was afraid because it seemed like it would never stop and my condition was getting worse and worse. When my son came I was undergoing the testing and I was unable to see him because he had to leave, but he came back to see me the next day which happened to be a Sunday morning.   When I saw my son, he said, “Mother, I am going to pray for you.”  My son, Pastor Mark said, “Mother from this time forward, this bleeding will stop and you will not bleed again. Mother, God told me to tell you that you will be going home.” On Tuesday morning, I called my son and told him that I am on my way home. To this day the doctors cannot tell me what was causing the bleeding, but I have proof of the discharge papers from the hospital that the bleeding has stopped.  On June 6, 2016, I informed my son that I have to go to the hospital because recent testing revealed that I had internal bleeding from the intestines. I did not want to tell him that it had been going on for several weeks because he was dealing with his own issues with his eyes and other things. I did not want him to worry for me.  I told him and he said to me, “Mother, they are going to keep you overnight and they are going to send you home tomorrow.”  He was right. I called my son and told him that I was on my way home, they didn’t find anything wrong, Jesus surely healed me. Jesus, I love you so much and thank you.


Mother Irving of the Word of Christ Ministries.

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