Happy Fathers Day To All The True Fathers!!

I thank God for my Father, there’s not many men like him. He’ s touph and original. From birth to the age of 7 it was just Me, My sister, My dad, And my Mom. We would travel to different places together, such as: Mississippi and Louisiana, and many other places down south. My Mom was a sweet heart, and she knew how to work with my dads temper. She was the best, it wasn’t until August,6,2009 when it was just me and my dad. I always thought he was mean all my life, and it wasn’t until after my mom went to live with Jesus that I got a little more of my dad than I bargained for. As the years went on i felt as if my dad was getting meaner and meaner, he soon had me washing dishes, and sweeping floors, and taking out trash. And I just couldn’t understand why I had to do all that, Nor did i understand his spicy temper and demeanor. If i didn’t do something right he’d be right on me in an instant. And i didn’t understand it until June,17,2016 my 8th grade graduation day. When all the times he yelled at me for something came into mind as they called me up for different awards. At the end of it all i cried hugging the friends that i basically grew up with. And when i got outside to my dad who was awaiting my arrival all i could do was hug him, crying tears of joy. I love my dad which is why he deserves the best fathers day. My dad has dedicated his life first to serving and pleasing God, and second to me, he has always been there, and he did without that i may have. Theres not many men like my dad, If you have a true dad, Appreciate him. Thank You Jesus for my dad, Who is the Pastor of the Word Of Christ Ministries. He has always wanted me to be the best and achieve all that i can and now i can see that. And under his pit bull like temper is a true butterfly.

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