“God Answers Prayers” Sister Brenda Jones 2018 Testimony

Sister Brenda Jones of Word of Christ Ministries; the Lord has been moving in my life through 2018.

I accept His blessings with a clean heart, as faithful prayers have brought me through.

My son was sentenced to 10 years in prison but God changed that! His sentence has been reduced.  My Pastor’s intercessory prayer reached our Father.

In 2018 I was in the hospital for three weeks but through prayer and faith, I was healed of my illness. I had been in stage four kidney failure for three or four years prior when I went into complete failure before I left the hospital.

Through the prayers of Pastor Mark Thompson I was given hope that I will come off of dialysis as long as I believe and trust our Father that He will bless me again and deliver me from diabetes one day soon.  We have to keep our mind on Jesus.

I thank God and the prayers of the righteous. My Pastor, Mark H. Thompson, and the members of Word of Christ Ministries.

Sister Brenda Jones

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