God’s With Me, Always Testimony 12/31/08

My name is Ciani Thompson, and I am the praise and worship leader of the Word of Christ Ministries. I can easily say that trying to serve the Lord everyday is an everlasting struggle. Why? Because the devil is always there trying to get you to do wrong when you wanna do right. And I’ve witnessed this on many occasions before. And went astray many MANY times, and honestly I still do. But then I think of the goodness of the Lord and how’s He’s stuck beside me in the midst of everything. In the middle of pain, fear, sadness, anger, financial problems and whatever else, God is always there to take us by the hand and show us the way. And in this day going into this New year I’m thankful for that. My new years resolution: To grow closer to God, and leave my everything negative in 2018 where it belongs.

May God be with you all in this new year,

Ciani Thompson

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