She believed in Jehovah Maccaddeshem

First I want to give honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus Chris, today and everyday! Next I would like to give example of faith in the Lord. Not long ago I host 2 sisters, Just 3 years apart almost to this day. It is a wonderful feeling when you know in your heart and soul that a love one has gone to be with the lord. If you live your life through Christ he give you confirmation that he lives in you. The last sister I lost was not saved for a time. She was raised to know who Jesus was. My sister was already sick, and then was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, she had began to think about the Lord. She was already save and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Satan had put every kind of sickness that he could place on my sister. She had high blood pressure, diabetes, C.O.P. D., enlarged heart, bad kidneys and her legs were so full of fluids her skin began to break open. She called on the Lord Jesus Chris to save her  soul and heal her body. Fortunately there  was a man of God place in her life and he began to call her and pray for her. She wanted to go to the church she belonged, but is was a distant away. Also, being sick she could not get there. However, this man of God told her he would come to her and have bible study with her in between doctor’s appointments. I know because I started attending the study session as well.  We would meet at her home at least once a week.

My sister couldn’t speak sometimes because of her breathing machine or medication, but the Lord let his word minister to her heart, mind and soul. She started to pray and call out to her Father the Lord Jesus who is in heaven. He told her he would never leave or forsake her. She was alone a lot of the time, but this was her time she used to talk to Jesus. Her prayer to him as her Savior and Lord was for him to cleanse her of all her sins. As one song goes, “Won’t he make me clean inside”.

My sister and I spent a lot of time reading and talking about the Lord. This man of God would come every week , and made sure to call every night. Most of the time it was 2 or 3 in the morning and the Lord would have him call and they would praise the Lord together. Cuddie my sister had faith that she would hear from the Lord. This gave her strength to go through the pain and all the sickness. It would take away the fear Satan tried to bring when we are alone. I watched my sister grow weaker in her body, but so much stronger in her faith and in the Lord.

This man of God had to do the will of the Lord all around the country, but my sister would sit in her chair and wait on the call from the Lord.  The man of God would have to wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes drive 10 or 15 miles to get a signal on his cell phone in order to make a phone call to Cuddie so they could pray and hear from the Lord. She had not been in bed at home for about 5 years. She was large and had a lot of fluid therefore she could not lay flat. She would just sit in her chair holding the phone and nodding her head unto she got that call from the man of God. The Lord said he would keep you in perfect peace. In the world you have trial and tribulations, and distress, however through it all he will keep you in his peace.

With the man of God teaching her Jesus, would have her to know, that Jesus died on the cross for her sins before she was born, all she had to do was accept him as her personal Lord and Savior. Cuddie got the Holy Ghost on the phone after the Lord sent the man of God 10 or more miles to get a signal to pray with her.  Her being  faithful and waiting on those calls. God heal and cleansed her soul. I want to give thanks to my Savior Jesus Christ for making Elder Mark Thompson who is still teaching me about the Lord. Thank you Elder mark Thompson and may the Lord keep you in perfect peace. My sister passed on August 14, 2012, but in now home and resting.

Love Sister Chris.


Glory to the Messiah!!!!

On the first week of January, I called Elder Mark Thompson and ask him to pray for my son who is also a minister. The devil was trying to attack him. I could see the hurt in my son’s eyes. Not only was he affected by this, the whole family was feeling the brunt of the devil. Upon calling Elder Mark, he immediately said to me, you do not have to tell me anything, I already know.  The devil traveled  thousand of miles for him. I did not question him on how he knew, how this man of God knew. He said, I need you to call your son and tell him , God said he has the victory, and to keep the faith, because he will overcome this. He also, said that it was doors opening for him an that there  was a lot of jealousy surrounding him , but he will come out fine. I did as he asked, and told my son. My son decided to call Elder Mark himself . Within that following week, the doors that my son was trying to open for over a year had begun to be opened. things started happening for the good and to this day my son is on a roll, fulfilling his dreams. First and foremost I want to thank God for favor and Elder mark Thompson for being there for my son and keeping him lifted in prayer. I just want to say what an awesome man of God.

Thank you so much and be blessed

Ms. Alice Jones

March 1, 2014

Alice Jones Testimony!!!

On the first of December,  Elder Mark Thompson called me for prayer, I asked him to  pray for my brother who had a stroke, immediately he said, my concern is with Blondie. She is strong on my mind, I am really worried about her. I stated that my sister was fine and that nothing was wrong with her at that time. Two weeks later I get a call from my nephew stating I need to go check on my sister who was in the hospital in ICU. Upon arriving at the hospital I go to ICU and low and behold my sister was on a ventilator fighting for her life. I was devastated. I knew she had a cold, but what went wrong. come to find out she had a severe case of pneumonia. I  immediately text Elder Thompson and ask him to pray for her, he assured me that she  would be okay. It was just an attack on her body and to have faith. On Christmas day we were called to the hospital because she had taken a turn for the worst.I called Elder Mark devastated crying, he said you have to have faith. Blondie is going to be okay. By that weekend after Christmas she started turning around for the better. Ventilator was removed and she started breathing on her own.
We all gave God the praise, glory and honor, because we knew the final say was God. Then, we had to overcome another hurdle, she was on so much medication she started hallucinating. Elder Mark Thompson then told me that was another attack from the devil and she would get her mind back. After 3 days Elder Mark called me and said, God told me to tell you that your sister mind was coming back. I went to see my sister and she was talking normal. Once again I gave God the praise. I call Elder Mark and informed him of such. I told him that they wanted  to take a biopsy of her lungs and that they wanted to send her to rehabilitation. Elder Mark informed me that my sister was coming home and he did not know what was the hold up but, she would be coming home the next day January 9, 2013. My sister called and said that she could go home. I was amazed. she is not walking good on her own but my baby sister is alive. To God be the Glory. the doctors had wrote her off, but God said I am not ready for her just yet. I want to thank God and Elder Mark Thompson for his encouraging words.

Alice Jones

February 25, 2014

My Testimony

Praise the lord and God bless everyone. My name is Ciani Thompson. One of Elder Mark Thompson daughters and  I am 12 years old. We were in church, February 9, 2014. My father preached a good message. I like to hear my father preach, and sometimes he prophecies. On this day I said to the Lord you have never given me a word before and the first thing he did is come over to me and he said Ciani the Lord told me to tell you that he enjoys how nicely you get dressed when you come to Church, he also said that he sees how I spend a lot of time with him and read my bible and that he is very happy and pleased!!! I was Happy to receive my very first word from the Lord and look forward to many more .

Ciani Thompson

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Sow a Seed

Deuteronomy 5:24 confirms that as saints we indeed hear the voice of the Lord. If you hear the voice of the Lord compelling you to give to this Ministry, you can’t go wrong.  Sow a  seed into good ground as it says in Matthew 13:23, “He that received seed into good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it.”

Be blessed, GOD loves you and the Word of Christ loves you too!

Thank you for blessing this Ministry.

Elder Thompson

Be Prepared!!!!!!!

Hello all,

In June 2014 the Lord began telling me to spread the message to get prepared, this winter will be an unusual winter a type of cold that has yet to be experience. The Lord made it clear that we must gather all the necessary tools to make it through this time (water, blankets, alternative light and heating sorces etc.) The Lord showed me that there will be extreme and lengthy power outages across the coutry and we must be prepared. This will be a winter like this country has never been experienced with severe weather conditions. I am reaching out to the people of God to spread this message near and far to get ready and BE PREPARED!!!!!!!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you!!!

Elder Mark Thompson

WOC ministries