Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world which include all the fathers who are mothers and mothers who are fathers!!!

Congraduations to all the mothers (male and female) who trust in the LORD to guide and direct them as they raise GOD’s children.

Here at the WOC Ministries we appreiate every single mother all around the world!!!

GOD bless you in JESUS’s name.

The Chief Surgeon of Heaven!!!! JESUS!!!

Hello WOC ministries, my name is Ms. Sales. My testamony is about my 5 year old cousin. He was having continuous seizures that became a threat to his health, so the doctor decided that brain surgery would be the best treatment. My family and I immediately began to pray, and called on Elder Thompson to join us in prayer becsuse he is a known prayer warrior. Feb. 11th 2017 Elder Thompson came to pray for my cousin and annointed him with oil. Elder Thompson, hearing from the Lord, prophecied that my cousin would not only be ok but would no longer have seizure and would have a speedy recovery. My cousin had surgery and is doing great. He came home on Feb 22nd, 2017 and you can hardly tell he had surgery at all. I thank God and Elder Thompson for his prayers and the word of comfort he delivered from the Lord. My cousin is a prime example that God is still performing Miracles!!!!!!!

Blessings to the WOC Ministries ,

Ms. Sales

Start Living

To the children of God this message is not for everyone.  This message is for those who’ve been carrying out the Will of the LORD.  Not following man’s will, not seeking their own desires and their own pleasures, not putting their needs first but the needs of God’s people, who are not running to please man but God.  Those who have not abandon the cross of Jesus but standing in the race.  It is celebration time, the year of jubliee.  This year  is your year!  Some of you have just been existing and not living.  Stop child of God existing, and start now to live in Jesus’ name.  Your blessings are all year long for those who have been faithful unto Christ.  Matthew 6:33 says seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Elder Thompson

Word of Christ Ministries

God’s Sending A Message


In Hattesburg, Mississippi tornado’s have touched down, taking roofs off of buildings with a massive loss of property.  There has been flooding in California and Texas.  Extreme cold weather in the northwestern part of the country, power lines are down. There are 40 million people in the path of the storm on this day which is 1/22/17, there’s a nore-easter on it’s way to the northeast section of the country. There was a prophecy given 2015 and 2016 about such devastation and it is here. Liquid rain, freezing tempatures, and of floods, God has sent us a warning again.

Elder Thompson   1/22/17

On July 5, 2015 Pastor Thompson prophesied to the body of Christ, during a Revival Service held at the church I was attending.  He sent forth Warning to the people to prepare ourselves for a Storm like non-other and said it would begin right here in Louisiana.

Many prophetic words were given, prior and were posted  on the Word of Christ web sight, but few listened or took it seriously.  “WARNING, WARNING, WARNING! 10/30/2015,”Midwest Prophesy” 1/7/2016, and  “Prophetic Forcast/ the Liquid Winter” 1/8/2016 just to name a few.  All telling of the soon coming storm but No one listening to the forcast, no one taking heed to the warnings and now, we are here, right in the middle of the storm.

Did you Stock up on Water, because I hate to be the barer of bad news, the water is not fit for human consumption, it’s contaminated. Did you buy plenty of food, because the stores are not stocked up, not enough food to go around.  This havoc hit Rayville, Monroe, and all the connecting cities here in the Louisiana.  Also included in this storm were,  Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.  In fact it has hit record levels of rain fall, the Biggest thread in Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee Valley.

Alert! Get Ready was posted on 1/24/2016 and on 3/2016 came the storms of Epic proportion of what was prophesied that would happen across the world and in the southern parts of the country.

Over and Over the word of warning has been announced. The Man Servant Pastor Thompson has stood firmly on the words given to him by the Father, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  to Warn the people. You now know that when a word of this magnitude is brought forth, to listen and take heed. God is about to put us into a catastrophic storm but know that He, (God) is with us. That Sunday Morning I heard the word, I took heed to the warning, what will you do? It’s just the Beiginning, what will you do?

Michael Solis, Pastor

Faith Living Waters Ministries


Happy Holiday’s A New Year Has Arrived

Happy Holiday’s and a Happy New Year from us here at the Word of Christ Ministries. Look forward to a year full of blessings and the compassion of God. This is a year full of change but we must stay the course and in the will of God.  All things are possible to those that believe and walk in faith.  The scripture of the year is Matthew 6:33, follow that and have a blessed year, stay tuned for future messages and updates for the Word of Christ ministries. Be happy, walk in peace for the Lord is with you.

Elder Thompson and Brother Vaughn of WoC Ministries

War in the White House

A new year has come with a new president, in the Bible it tells us in the Book of Daniel that God puts up kings and taketh down Kings. God put the new president in place for his purposes.  This new president will bring confusion, unrest, and chaos. Hold on, God has a plan and God’s will will be done. Fortunately, this storm will only last for a season until he places the next president in place.

Courtesy of Elder of Thompson of The Word of Christ Ministries.

May God’s Blessings be to all.

Testimony for the Life of Jose Candelario

God had changed Jose from the time he started to attend Word of Christ ministries with me and during this time he got close to the Lord.  Before Jose started coming into the ministry he didn’t have the faith to go to church.  In fact he hadn’t been in church or hearing the word of God for 20 years or more.  During his time in the ministry we all could see a change occuring in him gradually.  Through many trials, Jose was in a nursing home recovering from yet another illness when Elder Thompson went to him, prayed for him and asked him would he like to give his life to the Lord, and he said yes.  Jose chose to be saved and continued on coming to church and praising God.   Before the time of his death he was giving God praise and I feel like I played a great part in his life.  He was tired and God knew this.   On October 29, 2016 I called the Pastor and had him come over to the house because Jose had not come down for breakfast.  When the Pastor came to the house to check on him, he found him laying peacefully in his bed.  He had passed on.  His home-going service was on November 9, 2016 where we celebrated his life as a family and church community.  Thank God for saving his soul. I know his faith and trust in God that it was sincere; I believe he’s reigning in heaven with God and the heavenly angels. May he rest in peace, he will surely be missed.

Blessings to all,

Sister Brenda of the Word of Christ Ministries

Testimonial of a Sister of God in Jesus Christ

Back in 2009, I met Pastor Mark Thompson when he came to Louisana to preach a five day revival.  Afterwards, sometime later, he called with a message from the Lord because I had to put my house up for sale.  God told him to tell me that my house would sell and the buyer would be from Texas and buy the contents of the house as well.  Well I sold my house this week. The buyer is from Texas and brought most of the contents of the house.  I lost my husband in 2007, I was in dyer straights for 9 years.  Today I am debt free.  I thank God for using Pastor Mark Thompson to relay this awesome word from God to me.  It has given me the strength to endure all I have suffered through.  Praise the Lord, my Savior, my Friend, My Lord,


A Sister in Christ

God’s Continued Grace and Mercy

In April of 2016 things started going bad for me.  I had to battle with issues with my wheelchair and with my property.  These situations both took a toll on me mentally and physically but God pulled me through. Pastor Mark gave me prophesy and brought me word from the Lord and everything he said came to pass. First, my wheelchair broke and it seemed like the doctor’s wheelchair company couldn’t get everything together.  My Pastor told me to trust in God and everything would be just fine.  It was a constant struggle, I had my wheelchair for 10 years and I was concerned because I can’t get around like I would like without it.  Pastor was there for me to give me confidence in the Lord and to keep the faith. He told me that the Lord will take care of it and I would be blessed with a brand new wheelchair.  I’m so thankful I found out on September 20th my insurance was approved for my new chair just as the Pastor prophecied.  I’m grateful because I waited and trusted God to bless just as Pastor Thompson told me to do, and it came to pass.

On top of all that the city gave me a citation about the water sewer pipes needing to be replaced in the street. I was told my water would be cut off if I didn’t replace them. They actually sent out 3 notices over three months time to tell me my water will be cut off, they even sent a crew to the house but they never did it. I thank God for the word of prophecy that Pastor Thompson gave me. It put my heart at ease because I was extremely upset and disheartened about the situation because not only was it an aggravation, it was taking a long time, but it was going to be a major expense. He told me my pipes would be fixed and I wouldn’t have to pay a dime.  Thank God that the prophesy came to pass and it took about 3 months for the situation to resolve.  My pipes and sidewalk are all done which cost $4,500 to fix, but thanks to the grace and mercy of God, and the prophesy from the Pastor and faith, we have victory in the Lord and just like the Pastor said it didn’t cost me anything.

Blessings to All,

Sister Brenda